Security in MCUs

In an increasing networked world where data transfer traffic is expected to nearly double each decade, there is a growing concern for security, privacy and safety. Texas Instruments provides security solutions with features that allow our customers to prevent, detect and respond to unintended or malicious behavior caused by outside influences in order to protect customer’s devices, solutions and services.

TI security solutions in MCU offer many advantages:

  • Symmetric cryptography provides a secure communication.
  • Hash function offer authentication and anti-cloning solution to protect manufacturers and consumers from spurious after-market and counterfeit accessories, disposables and replacement parts.
  • IP protection protects customer-developed algorithms, source code from read and write. So malicious and dangerous code can’t be inserted into the device with IP protection.
  • Tamper protection help to seal customer’s application. Protect devices against retrieving and modifying the system and the information.
Security in Embedded Processors

Key Features of TI's Security Solutions in MCU:

TI Software security:

TI software offer library for common algorithm in security with pure C. It’s free and easy to use. Download now:

TI Hardware security:

TI Hardware security solution feature the best-in-class technology in security and have broad portfolio to meet your requirement of market and application.

See table below for technology feature by product family.

  • Symmetric: AES, DES
  • Hash: SHA
  • IP protection
  • Tamper protection
Product family Product core AES DES SHA PKA IP Protection Tamper Protection
MSP430FR59xx 16-bit MSP430 Yes       Yes  
CC430 16-bit MSP430 Yes          
MSP430F67x 16-bit MSP430 Yes         Yes
TM4C12x Cortex-M4F Yes Yes Yes     Yes
C28x + ARM® Cortex™ M3 Concerto™ Series Real-time C2000™ Microcontrollers         Yes  
C28x Delfino™Floating-point Series Real-time C2000™ Microcontrollers         Yes  
C28x Piccolo™ Series Real-time C2000™ Microcontrollers         Yes  
C28x Fixed-point Series Real-time C2000™ Microcontrollers         Yes  
C24x 16-bit Series Real-time C2000™ Microcontrollers         Yes  
AM335x KeyStone Multicore DSP+ARM® Yes Yes Yes Yes    


TI’s Secure Embedded Systems are a great match for many applications and markets, including:

  • Smart Grid
  • E-meter
  • Flow meter
  • Home automation
  • Gate way
  • Power line communication

Technical Documents

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White paper: Introducing advanced security to low-power applications with FRAM-based MCUs

White paper: Enable security and amp up chip performance with hardware accelerated cryptography

Note: There might be exceptions within series. Please refer to datasheets for specific device configurations.

*For RSA or ECC, please contact TI's Product Information Center (Americas)

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