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Fast and easy development of mobile applications for IoT devices using Evothings Studio

Evothings Studio is a mobile application platform, tailored for Industrial IoT. Its purpose is to enable industrial companies and developers to rapidly and efficiently create mobile IoT applications. The mobile applications are developed with standard web technologies, where only a single code base is needed to cater to both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Developers can use a basic version of Evothings at no cost and different subscription tiers are offered for more advanced features.

The Evothings platform has extensive support for IoT technologies and a rapidly growing library of code examples easily modifiable for various use cases. Examples of built-in technologies are Bluetooth® low energy (BLE), Wi-Fi®, iBeacons, Eddystone, MQTT, low level networking, security solutions and much more. The Evothings Platform provides several examples on how to connect and use IoT cloud platforms such as IBM Watson IoT or Amazon AWS IoT. Evothings accelerates development by enabling very rapid iterations in the development process. The applications run live on the actual mobile device while they are developed and the results can be tested instantly.

Evothings Studio includes example applications for the CC2650 SensorTag kit and offers a number of tutorials on how to combine the TI SensorTag products with mobile applications for different uses cases. The SimpleLink™ multi-standard CC2650 wireless microcontroller offers exceptional low-power performance for battery-based IoT applications.

Explore the different tutorials and resources below and get started with Evothings Studio and TI devices.