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IoT Development with TI Devices and Amazon Web Services IoT

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a leading provider of cloud computing services, supports Internet of Things applications with its AWS IoT service. AWS IoT enables IoT endpoints such as sensors to be securely connected to the cloud for remote management and analysis. AWS IoT cloud services include such as storage, stream analytics, event-driven execution, and visualization to enable developers to quickly create IoT applications. TI and AWS have worked together to deliver pre-integrated AWS IoT connectivity for multiple connected TI devices by providing ports of the AWS IoT SDK, an embedded agent optimized for IoT endpoints, to TI development boards.

TI devices that are currently integrated with AWS IoT include the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC32xx wireless microcontroller, the Sub-1 GHz and Bluetooth® low energy CC1350 wireless MCUs, and the Sitara™ AM3358 and The CC32xx wireless MCUs makes it easy for IoT developers to create low-cost, low-power IoT applications. Providing an integrated ARM® Cortex® - M4 MCU, as well as on-chip Wi-Fi, Internet and robust security protocols, no Wi-Fi expertise is required to start IoT development. The AM3358 is the processor at the heart of the BeagleBone family, which has become a popular embedded Linux platform for developers. Developers can connect the BeagleBone directly to AWS IoT or they can use the BeagleBone as a gateway to connect AWS IOT to the CC13xx Sub-1 GHz MCUs, which are ideal for ultra-low-power sensors needing long range connectivity.

The following TI boards offer pre-ported AWS IoT Agents that enable connection to AWS IoT. The source code and build instructions for the AWS IoT agent ports are available at the following locations:

SimpleLink Wi-FiĀ® CC3220 Connected LaunchPad development kit