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IoT Development with TI Devices and Xively

Xively, by LogMeIn, is a Connected Product Management platform that provides the fastest way to get an IoT product to market. Xively reduces the complexity of running a connected business and provides everything you need to run a fleet of connected products, from automated device provisioning and monitoring to firmware update rollouts and end user permission management.

Providing low latency and scale to support millions of connected products, Xively has the software and hardware solutions to help process over 86 billion messages per day. All of those connections are built on LogMeIn’s thirteen-year legacy of security and reliability.

The Xively platform offers data storage, relationship management between users and devices, and integrations with 3rd-party business systems like CRMs and analytics tools. In addition, it gives connected product companies a centralized hub to manage their connected devices during deployment and day-to-day operation.

Xively has worked closely with Texas Instruments to ensure that many TI products can natively run Xively’s embedded client.

Together, Xively and TI provide provide a rich set of resources and device software to help companies easily and securely create connected products. Included in both the Xively CC3220 support, and all other TI implementations of Xively’s IoT client:

  • Total end-to-end encryption using either TI’s onboard TLS, or Xively’s enhanced implementation of WolfSSL with TLS 1.2 and OCSP stapling for improved device security over the on-board option.
  • Firmware update and file deployment management from Xively to your TI-based devices, including automated delivery and rollout management to large fleets of devices all from Xively’s cloud-based management console.
  • Unique non-blocking operation in single threaded mode, which unlike many competing MQTT clients means your device does not stop working while background communication is in progress. The client also provides a thread-safe event queue and optional thread pool for callbacks
  • All in an incredibly small device footprint for Xively’s communication and firmware update client (26Kb, with only 76Kb required to upgrade to Xively’s enhanced security implementation).
  • Fully open-source and modular design, allowing developers to use Xively’s client as a baseline and optionally bring their own networking and security stacks, and customize for their use case.

Find Xively’s fully open-source IoT client with support for TI boards and the CC3200 wireless MCU here:

  • Xively CC3220 tutorial
  • The Xively open-source IoT client is available on Github, containing all sources required to build for supported platforms, including the CC3200 LaunchPad development kit: Xively C Client Github.
  • For more on the Xively IoT client’s features and usage, take a look at the user guide