DRA74x "Jacinto 6" and DRA72x "Jacinto 6 Eco" Automotive processors

Developed on the same architecture, DRA74x ("Jacinto 6") and DRA72x ("Jacinto 6 Eco”) are the next-generation infotainment processors from Texas Instruments. They enable car manufacturers to scale product investments and deliver a diverse portfolio of products with software and hardware compatibility with the broadest array of ARM Cortex-A15 devices. With the OMAP 5 architecture at its foundation — including ARM® Cortex™-A15 core(s), quad Cortex-M4 cores and SGX544 3D graphics core(s) – the DRA74x and DRA72x processors bring feature-rich, in-vehicle infotainment and telematics features to the next generation of from entry- to mid-level to high-end. They enable BOM-optimized automotive solutions, adding audio, automobiles analytics and radio accelerators, along with rich interfaces and peripherals. Paired with a feature-rich software offering and an ecosystem of leading automotive partners, DRA74x and DRA72x bring unprecedented in-vehicle entertainment and telematics functionality to automobiles. Explore below how TI is changing the driving experience with Jacinto 6 automotive processors.

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DRA74x ("Jacinto 6") and DRA72x ("Jacinto 6 Eco") Solutions

Texas Instruments

Changing the driver experience

DRA74x ("Jacinto 6") and DRA72x ("Jacinto 6 Eco") from Texas Instruments link people, their vehicles and the world around them via rich user interfaces, 3D navigation, HD video and other interactive capabilities.