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  • Get started with microcontroller LaunchPad Development Kits from Texas Instruments.
  • Choose from a variety of low-cost kits & BoosterPack plug-in modules.
  • Scalable software tools provide multiple points of entry for programming your LaunchPad.
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Meet your LaunchPad

On-board emulation

The MSP430 LaunchPad features on-board emulation, which means you can program and debug your projects without the need for additional tools.


All pins of the FR5969 device are easy to plug in 20-pin BoosterPacks that add functionality like a low-power display, capacitive touch and more

Switches & LEDs

A general purpose switch, reset switch and two LEDs are provided on-board for quick development.

What's included?

MSP-BNDL-FR5969LCD Launchpad Development kit includes everything you need to get started with an embedded-FRAM MSP430

  • MSP-EXP430FR5969LP board
  • Mini-USB cable
  • SHARP96 Booster Pack with LCD and capacitive touch sliders
  • Quick Start Guide


Part Number


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Why this LaunchPad?

  • Lowest power MSP430 MCU with ultra-low power active and standby operation
  • Integrated 64kB FRAM for experiencing fast non-volatile memory writes
  • True unified memory that allows boundary-free access
  • Advanced peripheral integration including a 12-bit differential SAR ADC and AES256 accelerator



Microcontroller Features

  • 16MHz
  • 64KB Flash
  • 2kB RAM
  • 16ch 12-bit single-ended or 8ch differential ADC
  • Comparator
  • 5 16-bit timers
  • Up to 2 I2C, 4 SPI, 2UART

BoosterPack connector

20 pin BoosterPack connector


Tool Folder
eStore Page
Hardware and Software
MSP-EXP430FR5969 LaunchPad User’s Guide


Energia: Open Source

Energia open source software
By the online community
  • Open source & community-driven
  • Simple code editing tool with built-in serial monitor
  • Compile & download your code directly to the LaunchPad
  • Supported by a robust framework of intuitive APIs, function calls & large repository of code examples
  • Currently only supports select MSP430 devices
Learn more about Energia Get support from our friends at 43oh!

Code Composer Studio

Code Composer Studio by Texas Instruments
By Texas Instruments
  • Full-featured code editing & debugging tool for all TI LaunchPad kits
  • Supports TI’s complete Embedded Processing portfolio from MCU to DSP
  • CCS provides a complete, professional environment with full debug capability
  • Free evaluation versions are available
Learn more about Code Composer Studio

IAR Embedded Workbench for TI MSP430

By IAR Systems

The LaunchPad ecosystem is also supported by a growing ecosystem of third party and community-driven software tools.

To see the available software solutions for each LaunchPad, explore the tabs above to learn more about any specific LaunchPad.



By the online community
  • Open source and community-driven command-line tool chain that provides binutils, gcc, gdb and other tools
  • Supports all MSP430 devices
  • Works in Windows, Linux & Mac
  • Learn more about MSPGCC

MSP430 USB Developers Package

By Texas Instruments
  • Contains all necessary source code and sample applications to develop a USB-based MSP430 project
  • Supports CDC, HID, MSC and composite classes of USB
  • Updated Descriptor Tool quickly generates code for any combination of USB interfaces

ULP Advisor

Ensure that your code is as ultra-low power as possible. ULP Advisor will check your code against a set of Ultra-Low Power rules and best practices.

If there is any room for improvement, ULP Advisor will highlight your code and provide suggestions and tips on how to make your application more efficient!



The MSP430Ware resource package provides you with everything you need to be an MSP430 expert. Find code examples, datasheets, user's guides and other resources quickly through an intuitive graphical user interface.

MSP430Ware automatically updates over the web to ensure you have the latest and greatest content. It can also import code examples directly into Code Composer Studio.



Grace generates code that properly enables and configures your peripherals such as ADCs, timers, serila communication and GPIOs with an intuitive graphical user interface.

Grace generates fully-commented, easy-to-read C code that can be imported directly into your project to ensure that your peripherals and enabled and configuired correctly.



BoosterPacks are modular plug-in boards that fit on top of the LaunchPad baseboards. These modules introduce new functionality to the LaunchPad evaluation kits including wireless, capacitive touch, LED lighting and more!

BoosterPacks include everything you need to create compelling new applications based on the LaunchPad evaluation kits, including a plugin module, software and documentation.

Build Your Own
See BoosterPacks

More MSP430 Resources

Project 0

Blinking an LED is the "Hello World" of microcontrollers. Follow this simple tutorial to get you up and running within minutes!


MSP430 Online Workshop

Now that you're LED is blinking, check out this online workshop that goes into a little more detail to get you even more comfortable with the MSP430 LaunchPad.


Visit the MSP430 LaunchPad Wiki

Find more tutorials, code examples, videos and other resources in our LaunchPad wiki. Here, you will find content generated by both TI and the broader online community!