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Key Features

40 pin BoosterPack header that also supports 20 pin BoosterPacks, plus 38 additional break-out pins for easy breadboarding / prototyping 20 pin BoosterPack header for easy breadboarding / prototyping 20 pin BoosterPack header for easy breadboarding / prototyping 20 and 40 pin BoosterPack header for easy breadboarding / prototyping 20 pin BoosterPack header for easy breadboarding / prototyping
Integrated 14-bit 1MSPS low power ADC, 256KB Flash, 64KB RAM, and 32-bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M4F for high performance applications 16KB of unified non-volatile FRAM Integrated 64KB FRAM with 8MBps in-system writes Integrated Full-speed USB 2.0 (HID/MSC/CDC) for creating PC-connected applications Great general purpose LaunchPad
EnergyTrace+ Technology combined with 95uA/MHz active power, and 850nA RTC enables lowest ARM power Low-power 256-segment LCD driver with charge pump for sustained contrast EnergyTrace++ Technology combined with 500nA RTC is ideal for applications requiring the absolute lowest energy consumption Low power operation is great for battery-operated applications Low power operation is great for battery-operated applications

Key integration

Low-power, high performance 48MHz ARM Cortex M4F Unified memory capability Unified memory capability Integrated Full-speed USB 2.0 Dip compatible with other value line devices
14-bit differential, 1MSPS SAR ADC 10-bit SAR ADC 12-bit differential SAR ADC 12 Bit SAR ADC 10 Bit SAR ADC
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256) Accelerator IR Modulation Logic Advanced Encryption Standard (AES256) accelerator 40 pin BoosterPack Connector 20 pin BoosterPack Connector
40 pin BoosterPack Connector with support for 20 pin BoosterPacks        


48 MHz 16MHz 16 MHz 25 MHz 16 MHz
256KB Flash 16 KB FRAM 64kB FRAM 128 KB Flash 16 KB Flash
4 16-bit Timers, and 2 32-bit Timers 2 16-bit Timers 5 16-bit Timers 4 16-bit timers 2 16-bit timers
Up to 4 I2C with multi-slave, 8 SPI or 4 UART 1 I2C, 2 SPI, 1 UART Up to 2 I2C, 4 SPI, 2 UART Up to 2 I2C with multi-slave, 4 SPI or 2 UART Up to 1 I 2C, 2 SPI, 1 UART

Part Number

MSP-EXP432P401R MSP-EXP430FR4133 MSP-EXP430FR5969 MSP-EXP430F5529LP MSP-EXP430G2

Featured Microcontroller

MSP432P401R MSP430FR4133 MSP430FR5969 MSP430F5529 MSP430G2553


Energia: Open Source

Energia open source software

Open source and community-driven! Energia is a simple, code-editing tool with a built-in serial monitor. Compile and download your code directly the LaunchPad. Energia is supported by a robust framework of intuitive APIs, function calls and a large repository of code examples. It currently supports MSP430 devices.

Learn more about Energia Get support at 43oh!

Code Composer Studio

Code Composer Studio by Texas Instruments

Code Composer Studio (CCS) is TI's software development environment for writing and debugging your code that supports all LaunchPad kits! Code Composer Studio supports all of TI's embedded processing portfolio providing a consistent development experience. CCS provides a complete, professional environment with full debug capability. Free evaluation versions are available.

Code Composer Studio

TI Cloud Tools

TI Cloud tools

Access Resource Explorer to browse examples, libraries and documentation. Use CCS Cloud to edit, compile and download code to your LaunchPad. Use TI PinMux to configure the device peripherals and pin multiplexing options.

Learn More

Third Party Software

Third Party Software

The LaunchPad ecosystem is also supported by a growing ecosystem of third party and community-driven software tools.

To see the available software solutions for each LaunchPad, explore the tabs above to learn more about any specific LaunchPad.

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BoosterPacks are modular plug-in boards that fit on top of the LaunchPad baseboards. These modules introduce new functionality to the LaunchPad evaluation kits including wireless, capacitive touch, LED lighting and more!

BoosterPacks include everything you need to create compelling new applications based on the LaunchPad evaluation kits, including a plugin module, software and documentation.

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