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  • Get started with microcontroller LaunchPad Development Kits from Texas Instruments.
  • Choose from a variety of low-cost kits & BoosterPack plug-in modules.
  • Scalable software tools provide multiple points of entry for programming your LaunchPad.

Choose your programming tool:

The TI LaunchPad Development kits are supported by a wide offering of software development tools. From intuitive, easy-to-use tools like the Energia IDE, to cloud-hosted coding environments like CCS Cloud, to full-blown IDEs like Code Composer Studio,developers will find the right tool for individual needs.

Regardless of the programming style that you are comfortable with, many of the IDE options below can support it. Happy coding!

Energia IDE

Energia is an intuitive IDE that is based on the popular & easy-to-use processing (processing.org) IDE. In addition to being a simple IDE, Energia is also supported by a robust framework of intuitive APIs that is based on Wiring. The Energia IDE also supports in-line C, assembly & Driver Library based code.

Energia is supported in Windows, Mac & Linux.

Note that not all LaunchPad kits are supported by Energia.

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Energia IDE features

Support for various TI LaunchPad Kits

  • Consistent IDE across MCU families
  • Leverage the same IDE for editing, compiling & flashing code. Seam-less code compatibility between MSP, TM4C, CC3200 & other devices.

Integrated Serial Monitor

  • Communicate with your LaunchPad serially.
  • Energia offers a bult-in serial monitor. The terminal enables bi-directional communication to your LaunchPad at various baud rates.

Jam-packed with examples

  • Get going with open source sample code.
  • The Energia IDE comes with a huge set of code examples baked in. Learn to toggle I/O, read ADC channels, send data via SPI/I2C & more.

Rapid development with
easy APIs

  • Compatible with Wiring framework
  • Rapid prototype your next application with Energia's easy-to-use API set based on the Arduino & Wiring open source projects.

Energia is Open Source

  • It's all on GitHub
  • Take a look at the source code & if you're interested, contribute to the project! We'd be glad to have you.

Multi-tasking with Energia MT

  • Run multiple sketches in parallel.
  • Some Energia-enabled LaunchPad development kits are supported by Energia MT (Multi-tasking). Run multiple sketches in parallel!

CCS Cloud

CCS Cloud is a cloud-based IDE that enables code editing, compilation & flashing of your TI LaunchPad -- all in a web browser! Get started immediately without the need for a lengthy download/install process.

CCS Cloud enables both Energia & traditional C-code programming styles & is available for many LaunchPad development kits.


CCS Cloud features

Edit, compile & flash code online

  • Get up and running ASAP.
  • CCS Cloud offers a powerful & instant browser-based IDE for editing, compiling & flashing code to your LaunchPad kit.

Debug in the cloud

  • Set breakpoints & watch variables
  • Debug your code in the cloud! Set breakpoints, watch variables & step through your code & squash bugs in a web browser!

Autocompletion as you type

  • Making code–creation easier.
  • CCS Cloud has auto-completion to prevent typos & improve coding efficiency! You can also jump to definition of variables/APIs for easy project navigation.

Code folding

  • Clean up your project view.
  • Selectively hide and display – "fold" – sections of code to clean up the view of your code. Expose code only as-needed.

Multi-tab viewing

  • See multiple files at once.
  • CCS Cloud makes it easy to click & drag files around for a customized view of your project. Drag around debug, console & serial monitor windows as-needed.

Revision Control

  • Revert back to previous versions easily.
  • CCS Cloud makes it easy to revert back to previous versions of your project. Auto-save is also available so that you never lose your work.

Cloud-hosted workspace

  • Have access to your projects everywhere.
  • CCS Cloud provides a cloud-hosted workspace for projects. Continue to develop no matter where you are - simply log in & pick up where you left off.

Integration to TI Resource Explorer

  • Instant access to code, documentation & resources
  • Import code from TI Resource Explorer into CCS Cloud to immediately view, modify & compile code examples.

Download CCS Cloud projects locally

  • You can download your CCS Cloud projects to your local machine enabling you to take those projects to offline IDEs.

GitHub integration

  • CCS Cloud makes it easy to leverage community-developed, open source code with the ability to clone/import GitHub repos.

Integrated Serial Monitor

  • CCS Cloud features an integrated terminal for communicating with your LaunchPad serially. Multiple baud rates are supported.

Code Composer Studio

& other traditional IDE options.

For a full-featured IDE, there are several options available for the TI LaunchPad Development Kits. Code Composer Studio is TI's eclipse-based IDE that supports all of TI's embedded processor portfolio. CCS is jam-packed with features, offering developers with the most flexibility & capabilities within the IDE.

TI LaunchPad development kits are also supported by other professional IDE options, including IAR Embedded Workbench, Keil & more.

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Code Composer Studio features

Supports all TI Embedded Processors

  • MCU, Connectivity & Processors
  • CCS is an Eclipse-based IDE that supports all Embedded Processors from TI, offering a consistent dev environment.

Full-featured code editor & debugger

  • Everything you need to develop in one tool
  • CCS offers a powerful Eclipse-based IDE for code editing, compiling, debugging, power-profiling & more.

EnergyTrace (Only some devices support this)

  • Measure your applications current consumption
  • Drive down your application’s current consumption with helpful power profiling & debug tools for improved power optimization.

ULP Advisor (MSP devices only)

  • Compile-time tips for driving down power consumption
  • Extract the most battery-life in your MSP-based application with the helpful recommendations of ULP Advisor

Integrated with TI Resource Explorer

  • Get instant access to relevant development resources
  • Browse through datasheets, code examples & more in TI Resource Explorer. Import code directly into CCS to start development immediately.

Learn more about CCS here!

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Each LaunchPad kit offers a scalablable & diverse software tool ecosystem. Each Launchpad is supported by third party IDEs, flash tools, peripheral configuration tools and more. Explore each LaunchPad offering to see more!


ARM® Keil® MDK is a complete debugger and C/C++ compiler toolchain for building and debugging embedded applications.


IAR Embedded Workbench is a complete debugger and C/C++ compiler toolchain for building and debugging embedded applications.


Open source compiler available for many TI LaunchPad embedded devices & microcontrollers.

Rapid prototype your next IoT application with Temboo. Generate code for your TI LaunchPad Development Kit to enable interaction with hundreds of websites and services through