TI InstaSPIN™ Motor Control Solutions

Breakthrough motor control technology is here!
With premium control in all three phase variable speed, variable load applications

Control any three-phase motor quickly and easily with TI's InstaSPIN technology - no motor datasheet required

TI InstaSPIN™ sensorless, three-phase motor solutions makes designing motor control applications easier whether you have a simple application or a complex design.

TI InstaSPIN-enabled C2000™ MCUs

Which MCU is right for your design? Choose between package size, flash, clock speed, and key peripherals.

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TI InstaSPIN technology timeline

See the progress of – and future plans for – this breakthrough technology!

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TI InstaSPIN-enabled applications using C2000™ MCUs

See what applications designers are using InstaSPIN motor control technology for to reduce development time and improve energy efficiency.


Compare InstaSPIN Solutions

Control technique & motor support Required feedback Motor parameters Key features TI supported devices  
Accurate speed and position using SpinTAC™ and FAST software encoder (observer) or rotor sensor for ACI, PMSM, IPM, and BLDC Voltage and Current (2-3 shunt or phase) Single variable speed/position loop tuning – tune your motor in minutes.
  • Robust speed and position control
  • Cancels disturbances before they happen
  • Sustains performance across different speeds, positions and changing dynamics
  • Trapezoidal, S-curve, ST-curve Motion Profile Generation
Piccolo F28069M, F28068M, F28054M, F28052M Learn more
FOC torque controller using TI's FAST software encoder (observer) for ACI, PMSM, IPM, BLDC   Voltage and Current (2-3 shunt or phase) Motor parameters automatically identified  
  • Automatic current loop tuning
  • Full torque start-up
  • Stable at and through 0 speed
  • Max Torque Per Amp
  • ACI PowerWarp™
Piccolo F28069F, F28068F, F28062F, F28054F, F28052F, F28027F, F28026F Learn more
Trapezoidal Commutation for BLDC Simple Voltage Bemf, Current optional fort torque control None required
  • Robust start-up
  • Simple tuning
  • Easily add speed or current control

Piccolo F2803x, F2806x, F2802x

Hercules RM46x, RM48x, 570LS12, 570LS31


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