TI InstaSPIN™ Motor Control Solutions

Breakthrough motor control technology is here!
With premium control in all three phase variable speed, variable load applications

The motor ID and auto tuning solution in all variable-speed, variable-load motor applications

TI InstaSPIN™-FOC (field-oriented-control) technology enables designers — even those with limited motor control experience — to identify, tune and fully control any type of three-phase, variable speed, sensorless, synchronous or asynchronous motor control system in just minutes.

This new technology removes the need for a mechanical motor rotor sensor to reduce system costs and improve operation using TI's new software encoder (sensorless observer) software algorithm, FAST™ (flux, angle, speed and torque), embedded in the read-only-memory (ROM) of Piccolo devices. This enables premium solutions that improve motor efficiency, performance and reliability in all variable-speed and load-motor applications.

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InstaSPIN-FOC Benefits

Replace mechanical encoders and resolvers in a "sensorless" Field Oriented Torque Controller (FOC)
Control System Design Accelerated
  • Built-in motor parameter identification
  • Automatic closed loop current control tuning
  • Fully tuned observer and stable torque controller in minutes
Full InstaSPIN™-FOC control system available in ROM
Voltage & current filtering insure quality sampled signals to the system
  • One time hardware & software calibration
  • Offset compensation
Solving the start-up challenge:
FAST software encoder stability at zero speed enables:
  • Zero speed start-up feature provides 100%+ torque at start and closed loop control with FAST providing angle in less than one electrical cycle
  • Full closed loop from zero speed ready - just supply electrical starting angle from additional Initial Position Detection algorithms

Motor Identification

  • No datasheet required!
  • One time parameter identification based on simple motor nameplate data (max voltage, current)
  • Optional Rs on-line feature can track resistance changes and provide compensation during operation

FAST™ Software Encoder

Universal three-phase motor software encoder
  • Rotor flux observer / estimator
  • Synchronous (BLDC, SPM, IPM)
    • Rotor flux compensation for salient IPM motors
  • Asynchronous (ACI) motors
  • Unique, high quality feedback signals for use in control systems

Learn more about FAST™ software encoder

Control Loop Tuning

FOC current controllers automatically tuned
  • Gains calculated from parameters
  • User may adjust
  • User may use own controllers
  • Minimum current used to meet torque requirements of load
Generic speed loop is provided for initial evaluation
  • User must tune for mechanical inertia
  • User must tune for use across operating conditions
PowerWarp™ Technology
  • Optional mode for induction motors
  • Produces minimum current use at all times
  • Trade-off with dynamic torque response
  • Never before seen energy savings occurring during partial load situations

System Flexibility

  • Created for any three phase motor system
  • Simple API interface
  • Full customization for expert users
Flexibility for different use cases
  • FAST™ software encoder as a feedback sensor (ROM memory)
  • InstaSPIN™-FOC as a torque controller
    • User adjusted (ROM)
    • Fully customized (user memory)
  • InstaSPIN™-FOC as a cascaded speed and torque controller
    • User adjusted (ROM)
    • User customized (user memory)
  • FAST™ software encoder is the only portion that MUST be run from ROM.
  • All other portions are in ROM with source provided in the MotorWare™ software.

Field Control

Field Weakening
  • Reduction of produced magnetic field of the motor
  • Allows for the rotor to obtain higher speeds than designed
  • Resulting loss of torque production
  • Needed for most efficient systems where high speeds are only needed for relatively short period of times
  • Enables optimum sizing of motor
Field Boosting
  • Increased magnetic field of the motor
  • Higher torque than designed
  • Needed for high starting torque applications
  • Enables optimum sizing of motor
Examples in the MotorWare™ software
  • Automatic and manual field weakening
  • Manual field boosting

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