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With premium control in all three phase variable speed, variable load applications

Maximum control with minimal effort

TI InstaSPIN-MOTION is powered by SpinTAC™ from LineStream Technologies. SpinTAC™ provides robust control across dynamic speed, position, and load ranges of the system. SpinTAC™ significantly slashes setup time by replacing hard-to-tune PID controllers with simple, single-parameter tuning. InstaSPIN-MOTION is ideal for applications that require accurate speed and position control, minimal disturbance, and for applications that undergo multiple state transitions or experience dynamic changes.

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InstaSPIN-MOTION Benefits

Robust speed and position control
  • Controller provides more accurate compensation, both in steady state and in situations varying speed, position and load
  • Motion Engine easily calculates the reference signal (with feedforward) based on current reference, target, acceleration, deceleration, and jerk
Compensation for real mechanics of the system
  • Estimates and cancels system disturbance, in real-time.
  • Eliminates recalibration - Works over the ENTIRE operating range
Simple tuning
  • 1-variable “gain” allows for instant tuning
  • Single tuning parameter for position and speed
Easy design and execution of complex motion sequences
  • Motion Profile Generator creates time-optimal curves within specified acceleration, deceleration, and jerk limits.
  • Supports trapezoidal (ramp), s-Curve and LineStream’s proprietary st-curve. The st-curve provides additional smoothing of the trajectory.
  • Motion Sequence Planner operates user-defined state transition maps

Identify Inertia

SpinTAC™ uses Inertia to provide the most accurate system control. The SpinTAC™ inertia estimator automatically measures system inertia by spinning the motor and measuring feedback.

  1. Motor’s resistance to change in velocity
  2. More inertia = more torque to accelerate/decelerate

The SpinTAC™ controller can tolerate a wide range of inertia change.

Simple Tuning

With single coefficient tuning, InstaSPIN-MOTION allows you to quickly test and tune your control from soft to stiff response. This single gain (bandwidth) typically works across the entire variable speed, position and load range of an application, reducing complexity and system tuning time in multi-variable PID based systems. A single parameter tunes both position ans speed. These systems often require a dozen or more velocity, position and load tuned coefficient sets to handle all possible dynamic conditions.

Disturbance Rejection

SpinTAC™ controller automatically rejects disturbances caused by
  • Cycle transitions
  • Changing loads
  • Environmental disturbances
SpinTAC™ estimator maximizes control - recovering more quickly than a PI controller, with less oscillation, and with minimal over/undershoot.

Execute Motion Profiles

SpinTAC™ provides an easy way to smoothly transition from one point to another. As opposed to pre-defined lookup tables, SpinTAC™ runs on the processor to create smooth configurable trajectories between two positions/speeds.

The Motion Engine automatically generates the best curve to satisfy the user-entered jerk and acceleration constraints for each move. These constraints will be applied to the curve type selected by the user:

  • standard trapezoidal (constant acceleration, infinite jerk)
  • S-curve (smooth, bounded jerk)
  • Proprietary st-curve (smoothest, continuous jerk)

Plan Trajectories

SpinTAC™ will help you plan your trajectories in minutes. SpinTAC™ trajectory planning allows you to quickly build various states of motion (point A to point B) and tie them together with state based logic (hold for time, wait for interrupt, move to state C or D based on logic, etc.).

The trajectories are directly embedded into the C code on the microcontroller.

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