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3D Imaging and Measurement Solution

Accurately capture detailed 3D images across a broad range of medical, security, industrial and inspection applications. This reliable, high-speed structured light imaging technique, enabled by TI DLP, is ideal for rapidly capturing the full 3-dimensional characteristics of an object. The versatility and compact form factor of this solution make it uniquely capable of meeting the measuring requirements for a wide variety of factory and field applications.

Key Solution Features:

  • Small form factor for portable, embedded or hand-held equipments
  • Optical measurement is inherently non-invasive
  • Adaptable for applications requiring visible and non-visible light sources
  • Easy to use GUI and programmable patterns enable rapid productization

Product Information: 

Key Products
  • DM365 – Digital Media System-on-Chip
  • MSP430™ – Ultra-Low Power 16-bit MCUs
  • DLPC300 – 0.3 WVGA Digital Controller
  • DLP3000 – DLP® 0.3 WVGA Digital Micro-Mirror Device
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