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USB Power/Charging Solution

for Stop-Start applications

Check out this highly integrated three-device power system that enables completely scalable USB charging solutions that auto-detects and supports industry standards such as BC1.2 while also comprehending the front-end boost requirements associated with today’s stop-start application environment.

Key Solution Features:

  • Complete power + protection with three-device solution
    • Front-end boost supports wide input voltage range: 3.15 V to 40 V. Supports transients up
      to 60 V.
    • Auto-detects between industry standards: Meets specification BC1.2 for SDP, CDP & DCP up to 2 A; meets Chinese Telecommunications Industry 2.0 Standard YD/T 1591-2009; and compatible with USB 2.0 and 3.0 power switch requirements with adjustable current limit.
    • Optimized design time: Three-device system solution with internal FET reduces development time, part count and overall solution size.
  • Includes full protection: ±15-kV HBM & IEC 61000-4-2 air-gap discharge

Product Information: 

Download datasheets, order samples and tools
  • TPS43330/2/3/5/6-Q1 - Automotive Catalog Low Iq, Single Boost, Dual synchronous Buck Controller
  • TPS2543-Q1 – Automotive USB Charging Port Power Switch and Controller
  • TPD2E001-Q1 - Automotive Catalog Low-Capacitance 2-Channel +/-15 kV ESD-Protection Array for High-Speed Data Inter
Available Tools
  • TPS2543EVM-064 –TPS2543 USB Charging Port Power Switch & Controller Evaluation Module
  • TPS43330EVM – TPS4330 Evaluation Module

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