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Automotive Isolated Current Sense Solution

Check out this total solution for single channel isolated current sense created for automotive applications including high voltage DC/DC power supplies and 3-phase BLDC motor solutions. TI’s solution includes off-the-shelf isolated power eliminating the need for custom magnetics. The Isolated Current Sense Solution enables a small form factor and includes a reference design, development kit, tools and support for faster time-to-market.

Key Solution Features:

  • Complete isolated current sense and small form factor with three-device solution
    • Direct connection to shunt resistors eliminating magnetic interference: The AMC1200-Q1 is a precision isolation amplifier with an output separated from the input circuitry by a silicon dioxide (SiO2) barrier that is highly resistant to magnetic interference. This barrier has been certified to provide galvanic isolation of up to 4000 VPEAK according to UL1577 and IEC60747-5-2.
    • Small form factor: The SN6501-Q1 is a monolithic oscillator/power driver, specifically designed for small form factor, isolated power supplies in isolated interface, and current/voltage sense applications.
    • Simplified design for faster time-to-market: The TPS76950-Q1 integrating the feedback resistor.

Product Information: 

Download datasheets, order samples and tools
  • SN6501-Q1 - Transformer driver for isolated power supplies
  • AMC1200-Q1 – 4 kV peak isolated Amplifier for current shunt measurements
  • TPS76950-Q1 - Low dropout linear regulator (LDO)
Recommended Tools:
  • SN6501 EVM – Transformer driver for isolated power supplies evaluation module
  • AMC1200 EVM – Isolated single-channel analog amplifier evaluation module
Literature and Support:

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