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Wireless Gas Sensor Solution

Check out this extremely low-power Wireless Gas Sensor Solution that supports a wide array of electrochemical gas sensors. With the versatility of a configurable interface for either Bluetooth® Low Energy, Zigbee RF4CE, 6LoWPAN or ANT this flexible and certified sensor solution is ideal for various building safety, industrial process control, mining, and heath care applications.

Key Solution Features:

  • Monitors wide range of gases
    • carbon monoxide, oxygen, ammonia, fluorine, chlorine dioxide...and more
    • supports 2- and 3-lead electrochemical gas sensors
  • Complies with FCC and IC regulatory standards
  • Coin cell battery operation
  • Easily monitor gas concentrations via TI’s Gas Sensor iOS Mobile App

Product Information: 

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  • LMP91000 – Configurable AFE Potentiostat for Low-Power Chemical Sensing Applications
  • CC2541 – 2.4-GHz Bluetooth® low energy and Proprietary System-on-Chip
  • LM4120 – Precision Micro-power Low Dropout Voltage Reference
  • TPS61220 – Low Input Voltage, 0.7V Boost Converter with 5.5µA Quiescent Current

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