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IP Net Camera Solution

Check out this high performance IP Net Camera solution that operates with industry leading low power. This solution features a flexible sensor interface device that reduces power and BOM, a processor that delivers excellent low light performance and a power module that boosts efficiency.

Key Solution Features:

  • HD video processing up to1080p 60 fps H.264
    • 4 K x 2 K or higher resolution video
    • Excellent Low light performance
    • Face detection
    • Video stabilization
  • Flexible 1080p60 image sensor receiver
    • Bridges the interface between various video image sensors and the processor
    • Receives serial data of Aptina HiSPi™, Panasonic LVDS, and Sony LVDS parallel
    • 10-/12-/14-/16-bits per pixel
    • Outputs parallel CMOS at 18.5 MHz to 162 MHz, from VGA to 1080p60
  • Low power IP camera power module
    • Less than four watt system solution power
    • 90+% efficiency on 5 V operation
    • Lower thermal generation
    • Cost effective

Product Information: 

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  • SN65LVDS324 - High definition image sensor receiver with low light capability, 1080p60 resolution and video analytics
  • TMS320DM385 – DaVinci™ digital media processor low-light technology and high-efficiency compression
  • TPS23753A – IEEE 802.3-2005 PoE interface and isolated converter controller with enhanced ESD ride-through
  • TPS5432 – 2.95 V to 6 V input, 3 A synchronous step-down converter
  • TPS63036 – High efficient single inductor buck-boost converter with 1-A switches
  • LM27313 - 1.6 MHz Boost Converter With 30 V Internal FET Switch
Design Package:

Recommended Tools:
  • SN65LVDS324 – High definition image sensor receiver
  • TPS5432 – 95 V to 6 V Input, 3 A Synchronous Step-Down Converter EVM
  • TPS23753A – 5 V out, 7 W, IEEE 802.3-2005 compliant, PD controller EVM
  • TPS63036 – a highly efficient, single-inductor, buck-boost converter EVM

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