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Smart Water Meter Solution

Check out this complete Smart Water Meter Solution that enables flexibility in next-generation flow metering systems through innovative TI silicon and support that address all the major functions of the flow meter. TI offers comprehensive hardware and software dedicated to meeting specific water meter system requirements such as solutions are compliant with IEC, ANSI, wM-Bus and ZigBee® standards.

Key Solution Features:

  • The MSP430FW429 is dedicated to AMR water- and heat-meters. The integrated Scan Interface (Scan IF) peripheral minimizes external components and power consumption needed to measure flow, thereby simplifying the overall system.
  • The CC1120 is a fully integrated single-chip radio transceiver designed for high performance at low power and low voltage operation in cost effective wireless water meter systems. All filters are integrated, removing the need for costly external SAW and IF filters.
  • TPS65290 is a PMIC designed to operate in applications dependent on efficient power management over a wide range of system load conditions ranging from fractions of a microamp to a few hundred miliamps. The device operates over a wide 2.2-V to 5-V input-voltage range and incorporates a very low quiescent current always-on power supply, a 500-mA buck/boost converter, a 150-mA low dropout regulator and 8 power distribution switches. The always-on supply features three different factory selectable options. Watch the video.
  • The DRV8837 is the world's smallest 1.8A brushed DC motor driver. The DRV8837 comes in a tiny 2 x 2mm package—a 75% reduction in size versus the next nearest competitor, enabling smaller, sleeker water meter valve control designs.

Product Information: 

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  • MSP430FW429 – Flow meter MCUs with low-power Scan Interface unit
  • CC1120 – Transceiver; low-cost, low power; -123 dBm sensitivity
  • TPS65290 – Ultra-Low Power Management IC for Gas and Water Meters
  • DRV8837 – Motor driver for brushed or stepper motor for water meter valve control, 2 V to 11 V; 10nA; tiny 2 x 3 mm package; split VM and Vcc supplies

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