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Wireless Audio Solution

Check out this complete Wireless Audio solution that delivers extended battery life and the highly accurate, high fidelity sound reproduction sought in leading portable audio systems on the market today.

Key Solution Features:

  • Portability and functionality made easy with system-ready solutions
    • Qi compliant (WPC 1.1) wireless charger with Foreign Object Detection
    • Dual-mode intelligent Bluetooth module requires no external stack or components
  • Industry leading, system-ready audio signal path components deliver power efficiency and superior listening experience
    • Low-power DSP for enhanced audio experience with spatial sound processing and Dolby decode
    • 24-bit, delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter delivers precise audio reproduction

Product Information: 

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  • CC2564 – Bluetooth Smart Ready Controller
  • BQ51013B – WPC 1.1 Compatible, Fully Integrated Wireless Power Receiver IC
  • PCM3070 – Stereo Audio Codec with Embedded miniDSP
  • TPA3130D2 – 15W Filter-Free Class D Stereo Amplifier with AM Avoidance
  • TMS320C5535 – Low Power, Fixed-Point Digital Signal Processor

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