Motor Drive and Control

For various motor types; AC Induction (ACIM), Brushed DC , Brushless DC (BLDC), Permanent Magnet Synchronous and Stepper find the right analog and digital products, software and support to precisely control the position, velocity and torque

New TI Motor Solutions Guide

New TI Motor
Solutions Guide

TI Spins Motors into a new 16 page solution guide, with answers to your toughest motor questions.

Industrial Automation - Motor Control Solutions Guide

Industrial Automation Solutions Guide

TI's Motor Drive and Control solutions speed the design cycle with the right devices, software, tools and support.

InstaSPIN Inside - BLDC Motors - Motor Control Solutions

TI's InstaSPIN™-BLDC Solution

Unlike traditional back-emf zero crossing techniques, InstaSPIN-BLDC extends sensorless operation down to lower speeds, and exhibits high immunity to miscommutation caused by rapid speed changes.


Videos for Motor Drive and Control Solutions

Motor Control Videos

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