OMAP™ Applications Processors: OMAP™ 5 Platform

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The OMAP 5 platform includes applications processors with supporting wireless connectivity, power management, battery management and audio management devices for next-generation Smartphones, Tablets, and other mobile devices. Strong open source software for the platform is available to introduce products to market faster.

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OMAP 5 Processors

The OMAP 5 advanced multi-core architecture includes a variety of cores, including ARM® general-purpose processors, multiple graphics cores and several application-specific processors for a balance of programmability, performance and power.

There are two OMAP 5 devices targeted to serve different customers' needs. Both of these devices use a TI-defined, low-power 28 nanometer fabrication process.

The OMAP5430 is targeted for products such as Smartphones that demand the smallest size supporting dual-channel, LPDDR2 Package-on-Package (PoP) memory.

The OMAP5432 is targeted for mobile computing and consumer products that are more cost-sensitive, without the extreme size constraint, supporting dual-channel DDR3/DDR3L memory.

OMAP 5 Platform Components

  • In support of the OMAP 5 applications processors, platform components provide wireless connectivity, power management, battery management and audio management functions.

Details on the specific OMAP 5 platform components will be posted in the future.

TI WiLink™ Wireless Connectivity

The OMAP 5 platform supports the latest TI WiLink wireless connectivity devices to ensure multi-mode operation and access to a variety of wireless network connections for service any time, anywhere on a variety of wireless networks. In addition to Bluetooth®, FM, Wi-Fi® and GPS capabilities integrated in a small, combination device, the OMAP 5 platform solution will enable faster wireless browsing and video streaming, enhanced location-based services and new mobile payment support.

TI Power Management

The OMAP 5 platform integrates TI's industry-leading SmartReflex™ 3 technologies to enable high performance at low power. SmartReflex 3 technologies combine intelligent and adaptive silicon, circuit design and software to solve power and performance management challenges at smaller process nodes, enabling OEMs to offer sleeker, multimedia-enabled mobile devices with long battery life and less heat dissipation. The OMAP 5 platform also includes support for a power management companion device that is optimized to provide the specific power needs for the OMAP 5 applications processors.

TI Battery Management

The OMAP 5 platform integrates a TI battery management device that provides high-efficiency battery charging, Power Path support and fuel gauge capabilities.

TI Audio Management

The OMAP 5 platform integrates a TI audio management device that provides low-power head-set, speakers, vibrators, amplifiers and microphone interface support. New energy-efficient amplifier support will extend audio play times further.


OMAP™ 5 Platform Software

TI provides comprehensive Linux open source software support.. It is integrated and tested up to the application level, enabling faster and easier development for end equipment manufacturers and application developers and is highly customizable to give developers the flexibility needed to differentiate their product. The industry-leading OMAP 5 applications processors combined with this open source software deliver breakthrough multimedia improvements over today's most popular mobile devices, including full 1080p60 multi-standard HD record and playback or 1080p30 stereoscopic 3D record and playback, up to 24-megapixel imaging, PC-like Internet browsing, 3D graphics enabled user interfaces and best-in-class power management technology with SmartReflex 3 technologies.

The OMAP 5 software suite from TI will allow customers to quickly and easily develop new mobile devices and applications that deliver the performance customers demand. With a flexible and open platform, designers will stay ahead of the rapid rate of innovation in the market plus deliver stunning user experiences.

Strengthening the OMAP 5 platform’s value, TI leverages its open source community involvement to benefit customer product development. Early extensive work in community projects translates to a significant quality and schedule advantage for device manufacturers, including power, memory and performance optimization. Additionally, TI’s pre-integrated software packages for popular Linux-based distributions help manufacturers achieve maximum system-level performance while driving a faster time-to-market. 


Availability Disclaimer

This product is intended for high-volume mobile OEMs and ODMs and is not available through distributors. If your company meets this description, please contact your TI sales office.

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