Power for FPGA, processors, and ASICS

With a robust portfolio of LDOs, power modules, DC/DC switchers, and PMICs, TI’s easy- to-use solutions - combined with system expertise - support a range of voltages, currents, performance levels, and sizes to form a perfect match with your FPGA.

Power for Altera FPGAs

TI is the approved and tested vendor of power solutions for the Altera® FPGAs and CPLDs. TI works closely with Altera to recommend the best power management solutions for a wide variety of applications, such as embedded memory, digital signal processing (DSP) blocks, high-speed transceivers, or high-speed I/O pins. TI can recommend product solutions for the following Altera FPGA series: Stratix®, Cyclone®, Arria®, Max®.

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Analog for Altara FPGAs Solutions GuideAnalog for Altera® FPGAs
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Find the right TI devices for your Altera solution

Family Part Number Nominal Input Voltage Design Reference
 Automotive only
Power Sequence # Loads** (Max) % Loads Solutions
LDO Module DC/DC Converter Controller

** - Loads are grouped by output voltage and sequencing order.