Power Supply Design Seminars – 2014

Power Seminar

The 2014-15 TI Power Supply Seminar series, the 23rd since they were introduced by Unitrode in 1977, provides rich technical and practical presentations that combine new advanced power supply concepts, basic design principles and "real-world" application examples. Whether this seminar is used to gain fresh knowledge of power supply design, or as a review for those experienced in power supply design, the topics presented will be worthwhile for all levels of expertise.

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Registration includes:
• Power supply design training by TI experts
• Seminar and presentation workbooks
• Breakfast and lunch

Location Date Topics (mouse over title to read abstract)
Boston, MA TBA Choosing the Right Fixed-Frequency Buck Regulator Control Strategy

Choosing the Right Variable-Frequency Buck Regulator Control Strategy

Examining Wireless Power Transfer

Under the Hood of a Multiphase Synchronous Rectified Boost Converter

Control Challenges for Low-Power AC/DC Converters

GaN FET-Based CCM Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC

LLC Converter Small Signal Modeling
Detroit, MI TBA
Cleveland, OH TBA
Philadelphia, PA TBA
Bethesda, MD TBA
Milwaukee, WI TBA
Minneapolis, MN TBA
Chicago, IL TBA
Ft. Lauderdale, FL TBA
Orlando, FL TBA
Rochester, NY TBA
Long Island, NY TBA
New Jersey TBA
Toronto, Canada TBA
Montreal, Canada TBA
Ottawa TBA
Los Angeles, CA TBA
Seattle, WA TBA
Vancouver, Canada TBA
Denver, CA TBA
Dallas, TX TBA
Austin, TX TBA
Houston, TX TBA
Orange County, CA TBA
Phoenix, AZ TBA
Raleigh, NC TBA
Atlanta, GA TBA
Huntsville, AL TBA