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SIMPLE SWITCHER® design tools

A significant part of the SIMPLE SWITCHER experience is the extraordinary suite of tools available to make your design as easy as possible. Explore the sections below to learn how to leverage these powerful design tools to simplify your DC/DC power supply design and get to market faster:

WEBENCH® design environment

All SIMPLE SWITCHER devices are fully enabled in WEBENCH design tools to help you design complete power supplies in minutes. Make value-based comparisons at a system and supply chain level before a design is committed. This expert analysis is not possible anywhere else.

How-to videos

TI Designs - reference designs

See if the SIMPLE SWITCHER power experts have already created a design that fits your system needs – download complete files with schematics, BOM, and test reports.


TI Designs

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    Featured designs


    Inverting Buck-Boost Reference Design Featuring LMR16020 DC/DC Buck Converter

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    USB Car Charger with 2MHz Buck Converter, Cable Compensation and Battery Protection Reference Design

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    SIMPLE SWITCHER FPGA reference designs

    SIMPLE SWITCHER products are featured as proven power solutions on several of the latest FPGA development kits from Xilinx. See below for more details on these FPGA designs.

    FPGA power training