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Touch Screen Controllers

Texas Instruments is the market leader in touch screen controllers, offering resistive and capacitive touch and haptic feedback solutions to support a broad range of performance options from simple, single-touch to high performance, multi-touch controllers.

TI offers a total touch solution, providing a complete line of touch products in addition to a portfolio of audio DACs, codecs, piezo and motor haptic drivers, MCUs, and MPUs for a complete system solution.


Capacitive and Resistive Touch Solutions Guide

Capacitive and Resistive Touch Solutions Guide

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Capacitive and Resistive Touch

TSC306016-Channel Projective Capacitive Touch Screen Controller

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The TSC3060 capacitive touch screen controller delivers low power, noise-resilient, low cost capacitive touch control, ideal for small screen (<3.2”) applications including feature phones, wireless mice, track pads, remotes, and digital still cameras.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Analog front end-based design: Reduced system complexity, cost, and power by leveraging existing system controller
  • Precision analog mixed signal filters: Reduced charger noise, water rejection, and IR-less proximity detection
  • Access to RAW ADC node data: Allows designers to create proprietary touch algorithms
  • Lower power: Track up to four simultaneous touch points with the same power consumption of one
TSC4270Capacitive Touch Screen Controller with Microcontroller

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The TSC4270 capacitive touch screen controller with integrated microcontroller and digital signal filter delivers a high performance self-contained device for medium screen (<7”) applications including smartphones, low-end tablets, and automotive.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Integrated MCU and DSP filter: High performance self-contained capacitive touch screen controller delivers 4x the industry report rate of 240 Hz
  • Industry-leading features: Grip suppression, water rejection, and pressure-sensing technology
  • Auto calibration mode: Easily get your application up and running and perfectly tuned each time on power-up
  • Low latency haptics integration: Quickly queue up and execute haptics effects when combined with TI haptic drivers

Capacitive Touch Screen Controller Portfolio

Max Nodes Channels Configurable Row & Channels Proximity Detection Water Rejection Suppression Grip Communication Architecture Pin/
Dowload Software
60 16 Yes Yes No I2C AFE + Digital State Machine 24QFN
Dowload Software
270 33 5 Yes Yes Yes I2C AFE + ARM M0 + DSP Filter 48QFN

Resistive Touch

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