SmartConfig™ Java Applet

Quick configuration of the SimpleLink™ Wi-Fi® CC3000 module from home personal computers

TI's Java applet using SmartConfig™ technology allows users to wirelessly configure any SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000-enabled device from a home Windows or Linux PC using a Java-enabled Web browser. The SmartConfig Java applet offers users the flexibility to access the configuration page locally or remotely using Internet Web servers. Additionally, the Java applet can be customized by CC3000 customers so end-users can use the configuration directly from the manufacturer’s website through the source code available here.

To use the SmartConfig Java applet, you need:

  • A CC3000-enabled device using SmartConfig technology
  • A personal Wi-Fi access point
  • A Wi-Fi-enabled Windows or Linux PC with latest Java virtual machine (JVM) installed

For more information:

Watch the SmartConfig Technology video

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Device Name