SimpleLink™ GPS CC4000


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GPS - connectivityfor location, time and velocity

Making GPS application development simple, easy and low cost.

Where is GPS being used?

GPS - a space-based satellite system is used to provide not only location, but also highly accurate timing and velocity data. Several application areas emerged outside of the traditional personal navigation devices, including asset tracking, theft protection, industrial automation and sports and fitness.

GPS technology from Texas Instruments

With six generations of products optimized for the needs of handheld products, TI's GPS solutions deliver fast and accurate location-based services, along with highly-precise timing and velocity data. Solutions are designed for ease of use and reduced development time through simple and fast connectivity to host devices. Highly integrated, fully certified GPS modules are available to reduce cost and speed time to market.

TI's CC4000 GPS Platform

SimpleLink GPS CC4000 is a simple, low-cost GPS solution packaged by key partners on a module, complete with GPS drivers and firmware, minimizing loading on the host CPU, saving board space, and reducing overall system complexity. The GPS Platform solution includes:

CC4000 Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Industry standard NMEA protocol communication Provides precise fix information including time, position, latitude, longitude, satellite status, course and speed to enable a broad variety of applications
GPS driver and firmware fully integrated into module
  • Reduced system complexity
  • Minimal loading on host CPU
  • Enables GPS functionality with all MCUs and MPUs
Best-in-class Time to First Fix (TTFF)
  • Autonomous cold start TTFF < 35 seconds in open sky signal conditions
  • Autonomous hot start TTFF <1 second in open sky signal conditions
  • Receives GPS data quickly and easily
  • Allows device to take advantage of power save modes, while maintaining Almanac and Ephemeris data for quick startup
Single GPIO initiates GPS fix session (Push-to-fix)
  • Allows ease of use for solution without previous GPS knowledge
  • No inquiry, pairing or passwords required
Independent programmable PPS (Pulse per second) generator for high precision timing applications with 1ms pulse duration Allows very accurate timing for applications without UART interface delay
Advanced on-chip software controls power states (off, shutdown, idle, active, deep sleep) Enables portable applications and system power optimization
2 wire UART interface to host Standard interface that can work with MCUs and MPUs