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Bluetooth technology lets you communicate, send vital information, listen to music and much more, all without wires

Bluetooth wireless technology is one of the most prominent short-range communications technologies with an installed base of more than three billion units. Bluetooth is intended to replace the cables connecting portable and/or fixed devices while maintaining high levels of security, low power and low cost. Bluetooth is designed to have very low power consumption by allowing radios to be powered down when inactive. The Bluetooth specification defines a uniform structure with global acceptance to ensure interoperability of any Bluetooth enabled device.

Why TI Bluetooth?
TI is one of the leading semiconductor companies providing Bluetooth wireless technology for portable, battery-powered devices leveraging nearly a decade of experience and seven generations of products for sports and fitness, wearables, and mobile phone accessories are supported by TI's CC2560 (Bluetooth), LMX9838 (Simply Blue) and CC2564 (Bluetooth + BLE) devices. LMX9838 is a fully certified module and TI's third party partners such as Panasonic, LSR, Murata, and Blue Ridge/Stonestreet One provide fully certified modules based on CC2560 and CC2564.

TI is also the market leader in combined wireless products such as the WL1271 (singlechip WLAN/Bluetooth device) and CC2564 (Bluetooth/Bluetooth low energy or Bluetooth/ANT) which further solve issues such as coexistence, antenna sharing in size-constrained devices, cost and power consumption.

Dual Mode

Many Bluetooth solutions connect to mobile phones and tablets. In the market today, some phones have dual mode (Bluetooth and BLE) and other have only Bluetooth.

TI's Dual Mode solution allows your product to talk with all devices through Bluetooth, BLE or both. In addition, our dual mode solution can provide 2x the range for BLE connection over other BLE only solutions. When CC2564 is used for Bluetooth and ANT, it can connect to mobile phones and the 18 million ANT devices deployed in the market.

TI Bluetooth Solution Benefits:

  • 2x range for Bluetooth low energy over competitive solutions
  • Robust, high throughput wireless connection with extended range and power efficiency
  • Gives manufacturers options and flexibility depending on the implementation
  • Simplifies and reduces hardware and software development, allowing faster time-to-market
  • Allow for extensive prototyping and development of applications
  • Great Evaluation tools support & pre-build application profiles

Looking for Bluetooth low energy?
TI provides Bluetooth low energy single-mode solutions for Bluetooth Smart sensor applications. Please visit for more information.

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