APEC 2020

Power design problems? Solved.

We're bringing APEC to you.  Watch demo videos and learn about new products that help solve your power design problems. 

APEC demo videos

Learn about the newest power management products


Efficient buck converter for high-current designs

Shrink the power supply while optimizing thermal performance, improve efficiency at high switching frequencies and meet rigorous voltage accuracy requirements for FPGA power supplies with the TPS546D24A, 40-A stackable SWIFTTM DC/DC buck converter.


900-V GaN solution for grid and beyond

This new design, based on the LMG3410R050, is a GaN-based 99% efficient bi-directional AC/DC converter, that is 3x higher power density than Si and 1.5x higher than SiC.


Isolated power transfer in an IC-sized package

Miniaturize your isolated DC/DC design up to 80% with the UCC12050 bias power supply, an IC-sized, single-package, surface-mount device with industry-leading EMI performance.

Automotive design

From wireless battery management to improved safety and reliability, see how we're solving the automotive power design problems of today and tomorrow.


Protect all signal and power transfer across a high voltage isolation barrier in automotive applications.

Power density

Fit more power in smaller footprints all while minimizing heat generation in your automotive designs.

Automotive EMI

Minimize interference with other system components and simplify your automotive design and qualification processes.

Discover new resources on automotive power design

It may seem obvious that you'd need isolation for 400-V batteries and beyond, but did you know 48-V mild hybrid systems can also benefit from isolation?

Optimize the PCB layout to take advanatge of flip-chip ICs in hot, harsh automotive environments.

Learn about advanced EMI mitigation techniques for front-end power systems.

Industrial design

From improved thermal performance to smaller power supply solution size and better isolation, see how we're solving tough power design challenges of today and tomorrow for a range of industrial, enterprise and comms applications.


Enable the highest working-voltage and reliability in high voltage and safety critical industrial applications. 

Power density

Safely and reliably integrate active and passive components to minimize heat generation in industrial power supply designs.


Reduce radiated and conducted emissions in switching power supplies for industrial designs.

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See how to make your power rail design smaller without impacting its thermal performance.

Learn more about selecting isolated DC/DC bias supplies to meet the requirements of your system.

Learn how capacitive-based isolation technology can revolutionize the lifetime and temperature demands in AC motor drives.