CES 2021

TI Live! at CES 2021

Welcome to our CES 2021 experience on TI.com.

Watch online demos in the sections below on vehicle electrification, autonomous robotics and driver assist technologies, connectivity, patient monitoring and high-resolution displays.

Learn more about the new products featured in these demos. 

Featured products at CES 2021

white transparent car showing wireless battery management systems for electric vehicles

Industry's best-performing wireless BMS solution

The first wireless BMS concept assessed for enabling ASIL D systems, improving drive range and reliability using the SimpleLink™ CC2662R-Q1 wireless MCU and BQ79616-Q1 battery monitor and balancer.

Jacinto gateway

Tailor-made gateway SoCs with cloud connectivity

Jacinto™ DRA821 processors are made for gateway systems with cloud connectivity. On-chip functional safety features target ASIL D requirements and integration helps reduce system cost and complexity. 

Boxter car

Enabling the highest power density in EV/HEV OBCs

Fully integrated automotive GaN FETs reduce the size of EV on-board chargers and DC/DC converters by as much as 50% enabling extended battery range, increased system reliability and lower design cost.

Vehicle electrification: Wireless BMS, on-board charger & combo box systems

The move toward electric and hybrid-electric vehicles is changing everything in the vehicle - starting with the powertrain. Watch the demos below to learn more about our technology for vehicle electrification and how we can work together to create a more sustainable future.


Moving to wireless BMS improves reliability and extends driving range while reducing weight, cost and complexity. Learn more about these benefits when going wireless.

Integrating the on-board charger, high-voltage DC/DC converter, inverter and power distribution box in a combo-box architecture can reduce weight/cost while improving reliability and power efficiency.

Automation: Robotics & automotive driver assist technologies

Advanced sensing and processing technologies enable advanced driver assist systems (ADAS), in-cabin sensing, and adaptive headlights and ground projection in cars. These technologies also enable automated robots for use in last-mile deliveries and factories. Watch the demos below to see the latest in automation.


Vehicles are getting safer for everyone on the road through driver assist technologies that capture and process data inside and outside the car. Learn more about the technologies paving the way.

As robots are becoming more crucial in factories and for last-mile delivery they need to be intelligent, autonomous, safer and efficient. Read about the technologies making these advances possible.

Connectivity: Bluetooth Mesh & Wi-SUN networks

The need for connectivity is ever-evolving as more applications add wireless connectivity to provide ways to communicate, control and connect to other systems. Bluetooth® Low Energy and Wi-SUN® connectivity standards are just two examples of innovative, affordable solutions for the connected world. Watch the demos below to see these technologies in action.


Bluetooth connects us to the world with our smartphone. But all Bluetooth is not the same. From a basic Bluetooth Low Energy beacon to Bluetooth Mesh, there are feature differences to consider.

Smart cities can bridge the gap between the connected consumer and the connected infrastructure through reliable mesh networks. Learn more about Wi-SUN and how it can improve the connected world.

Patient monitoring

Monitoring of vital signs away from a hospital or doctor's office is becoming more prevalant. This requires smarter, more precise sensing with low power components and wireless connectivity. Watch the demo and read the content below to learn more about wireless patient monitoring, telehealth and the evolving semiconductor trends behind them. 


Remote monitoring of a patient's vital signs, temperature, pulse oximetry and more are becoming more accessible. Learn about the evolving semiconductor technologies in the telehealth space.

The need for more portable multi-parameter patient monitoring for multiple vital signs is becoming increasingly important. Learn about some of the design considerations for these monitors.

DLP® technology high-resolution displays

As 4K ultra-high definition (UHD) content moves into the mainstream qualities like portability, low power, versatility and others are just as essential as screen size and resolution. These features are enabling the next-generation applications like mobile smart TVs, smart projectors, laser TVs, digital signage, smart appliances and more. Watch the demos in the video below to get a glimpse of what DLP® Pico™ technology can do.


Fitting 4K UHD display technology into even smaller, lower-power chipsets is opening the door to exciting new applications such as mobile smart TVs, laser TVs, digital signage smart kitchens and more.

The need for brighter, larger displays from mobile, portable and in-home devices requires even smaller, lower-power portable devices with high definition (HD) and full HD resolution displays.