9-12 January | Las Vegas, NV

LVCC North Hall, N116

TI at CES 2024

The road to a safer, smarter and more sustainable future starts here.

The growing demand for electrification increases the need for smarter, safer technology in vehicles and energy sources. New development and design challenges arise from the need to enhance the user experience and meet ever-evolving regulatory requirements. Watch CES demo videos and read content below to see how our technology fosters innovation in vehicle electrification, driver assistance and energy transition. 

Vehicle electrification

As the world drives toward vehicle electrification, semiconductors enable automakers to optimize performance, accelerate development and make electric vehicles (EVs) more affordable for more people. Learn how we are driving vehicle electrification forward.

Read how new semiconductor technologies for traction inverters allow automakers to create the vehicle of the future with longer range and optimum performance.

Learn how real-time control MCUs, gate drivers and bias supplies are improving the performance of next generation EV traction inverters.

Advanced battery management systems with digital twin technology

See TI's BMS platform in action with digital twin technology from Electra Vehicles.

Designing smarter, safer battery management systems

See how TI technology is helping to drive the next generation of BMS.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)

Vehicle safety systems are constantly evolving, leading automakers to envision a world where vehicle collisions are a thing of the past. See how we're driving autonomy forward.

Read about six foundational technologies that are pushing vehicle evolution to help create safer, smarter vehicles.

Learn how to support multicamera vision processing and system requirements in ADAS domain controllers with integrated processors.

Enabling satellite architecture with AWR2544 radar sensors

See how the AWR2544 radar sensor support satellite architecture.

Driver monitoring system with AM62A processors

Watch this demo to see in-cabin monitoring with Smart Eye software and TI AM62A processors.

Zone architecture and software-defined vehicles

The move to zone architectures to organize communication, power distribution and load control by location in the vehicle will pave the way for more software-defined applications. Learn how we are driving vehicle comfort, convenience, lighting and in-vehicle communication.

Learn how the transition to a zone architecture address power and communication challenges to enable the future of software-defined vehicles.

Read how a zone architecture implementing Ethernet enables the growing trend of the software-defined vehicle of the future.

Energy transition

Technology that captures, converts and distributes energy effectively and efficiently will enable the shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. See how we are evolving electrification for a sustainable future.

Read about the five ways technology innovation is helping build the efficient energy ecosystem of the future.

Learn how interoperability and compatability of EV charging connector types is crucial for the growth of EV charging.

Build a smart EV charging station with Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) communication

Featuring the new low power, low cost AM62x processors

Variable speed air conditioner (HVAC) reference design demo

Watch this demo on our variable speed air conditioner (HVAC) reference design demo