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9-11 April | Nuremberg, Germany

Hall 3A, Booth 131

TI at embedded wold 2024

The path to a smarter, safer and more sustainable future starts here

Advancements in embedded processing are redefining the potential of industrial and automotive applications. Whether it’s a robotic arm, a software-defined vehicle or an energy storage system, these systems are using more sensing, motor control, communications and edge AI technologies than ever before thanks to the increased number of subsystems and features. TI’s innovative semiconductors, intuitive software and design expertise can help you transform designs, helping make them smarter, safer and more adaptive. Get more details on the technlogies we're showcasing during EW 2024 below.

Learn from TI experts at the embedded world Conference

Day and time (Central European Time)
Session title
Session number
9 April at 16:30 Benchmarking Embedded Platforms for EtherCAT Industrial Control Pekka Varis 2.3: Performance
9 April at 17:00 A Multi-Protocol IO-Link Gateway Solution for Edge IoT Nilabh Anand 1.3: Platforms 1
9 April at 17:30 How mmWave Radar MMIC’s Assist Sensor Designs which Increase Robots Productivity and Operators' Safety Greg Peake, Matthieu Chevrier 7.6: Case Studies 2
10 April at 11:30 Heterogeneous AI-enabled Systems using Hardware Accelerated Vision Pipelines on Embedded Processors Reese Grimsley 7.7: Pipelines
10 April at 12:00 Low-power, Secure Applications for Automotive and Healthcare with the Emerging Bluetooth Technology Tomas Motos 2.7: Bluetooth & Applications
10 April at 17:00 High-Accuracy Low-Power Secure Ranging using Bluetooth Channel Sounding Tomas Motos 2.9: Bluetooth & Localization
11 April at 10:30 Overview of Wi-Fi Intelligent Energy Management for the Internet of Things (IoT) Yoav Ben-Yehezkel 2.10: WiFi
11 April at 15:30 Uniform Benchmarking of ARM-based SOCs Executing Machine Learning Models Pekka Varis 7.12: Optimization 2

Embedded development

Easily start embedded development on your desktop or in the cloud. Come by the TI booth to see how we enable the fastest path to embedded development.

Software development resources are the secret to any successful embedded system design. From evaluation to deployment, TI provides a comprehensive range of software, tools and training to ensure that you have everything you need for each stage of the development process.


We are making the future of embedded possible with scalable and efficient processing from simple control to advanced data analytics. Learn more about the processing technologies we're featuring at EW 2024.

Learn how semiconductor technology is helping maximize productivity across a range of industrial systems, from robotics to factory automation, grid, home automation and more. 

Learn how ADAS technology extends to critical, time-sensitive applications, combining data from multiple sensors enables reliable, real-time decisions for safer autonomous driving.

Scalable HMI processors that can drive up to 3 displays simultaneously

Watch to learn how you can develop and deploy your own UI on production-ready HMI systems.

Software-defined vehicles with zone architecture

See how TI and ecosystem partners are putting the software infrastructure in place to help enable software-defined automotive experiences.

Designing chamberless Smoke Detectors with MSPM0 MCUs

Learn how MSPM0 MCUs enable chamberless configurations for smoke detector designs – increasing sensing capabilities with a more streamlined form factor.


Power the future with efficient EV charging solutions and reliable solar energy systems. Learn more about the technologies we're featuring at EW 2024.

Battery management systems (BMS) have evolved with the adoption of HEVs and EVs. Read about the trends affecting BMS development and how the subsystems work together to improve safety and efficiency.

Read how scalable hardware and software can accomodate the future of grid integration while providing communication, safety and security.

1.6kW GaN based single phase micro inverter

Watch this video to learn more about this 1.6kW GaN based single phase micro inverter.

Demonstrating a WSMS stack for solar micro inverters

See how TI's wireless solar management system (WSMS) stack is fast, secure and reliable, with a quick join time and royalty-free setup.

Smart, connected EV charging station development platform

Watch this demo video to see high-level charging communication with the AM62 EVSE development platform

High-performance, high-power SiC-based traction inverter system

Learn about this 800-V, 300kW SiC-based traction inverter system demo