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High-voltage seminar

From managing complex wide-band gap power topologies to ensuring robust isolation architectures, working with high-voltage systems comes with a unique set of challenges. Learn how to address them through training sessions delivered by our high-voltage experts with decades of experience, exploring some of the most pressing topics related to designing efficient, reliable and safe high-voltage applications.




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Key Design Considerations for Improved Efficiency and Power Density in 800-V SiC Traction Inverters Daniel Norwood Watch On Demand
Designing Titanium-Grade Effeciency into GaN-Based Power Supplies Pengkun Liu Watch On Demand
Overview of Isolation Certifications and What they Mean for your High-Voltage Designs Koteshwar Rao Watch On Demand
Managing Power Conversion Challenges in Micro-Inverters Shamim Choudhury, Pengkun Liu Watch On Demand
Introduction to Functional Safety for High-Voltage Systems Ashish Vanjari, Martin Staebler Watch On Demand

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Video series
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