Supplier diversity

To qualify as a minority- or woman-owned business with Texas Instruments, a company must be certified by a third-party agency to be at least 51% owned, controlled and managed by U.S. citizens who are among one or more social and economic minority groups:

  • Asian-Pacific Americans - U.S. citizens with origins from Japan, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands (Republic of Palau), the Northern Mariana Islands, Laos, Kampuchea (Cambodia), Taiwan, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Republic of the Marshall Islands or the Federated States of Micronesia.

  • African-Americans

  • Historical black colleges and universities/minority institutes.

  • Subcontinent Asians (Asian-Indian Americans) - U.S. citizens with origins from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan or Nepal.

  • Combined ethnic group ownership - two or more minority groups.

  • Hispanic-Americans - U.S. citizens with origins from South America, Central America, Mexico, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Spain or Portugal.

  • Native Americans - American Indians, Eskimos, Aleuts or native Hawaiians, including Indian tribes or native Hawaiian organizations.

  • Women.

Texas Instruments accepts third-party diversity certification from state and local government certifying agencies as well as national and regional minority and women’s business councils. Questions concerning Supplier Diversity should be directed to:


Texas Instruments

Supplier Diversity

P.O. Box 650311, MS 3935

Dallas, TX 75265