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Watch on-demand demo videos and learn more about our latest innovations in automotive, robotics and building automation technologies. 

Featured products

Corner radar

mmWave radar sensors for automotive applications

Meet NCAP safety requirements and advance autonomy with the first single-chip radar sensors featuring the industry’s best RF performance and advanced security.


Power next-generation EV systems

Improve efficiency and reliability in electric vehicles with the smallest, lightest and most accurate isolated DC/DC bias supply module. The UCC14240-Q1, dual-output power module offers 60% efficiency in and IC-sized package.

smart home

Smart home connectivity with Matter

Discover how the Matter standard is the foundation of your smart home, which runs on Thread and Wi-Fi® network layers and uses Bluetooth® Low Energy for commissioning. Explore our new SimpleLink 2.4 GHz CC2652R7 wireless MCU to get started.  


From wireless battery management and integrated powertrain for electric vehicles (EVs) to advanced driver assist systems, learn how we're driving automotive innovation forward. Watch demo videos below featuring the latest products and technologies for automotive applications.

Charge ahead with EV powertrain integration

Advanced EV powertrain architectures maximize power density, increase efficiency, improve reliability and make EVs more affordable for more people. Read how we driving this integration forward.

ADAS: Driving automotive safety forward

Advanced driver assistance systems make cars safer and smarter, helping carmakers achieve their vision for a collision-free future. Read how we are enabling the future of ADAS.


Technologies like real-time control, vision sensing and sensor fusion are enabling autonomous robots and more. Learn how we are helping equipment sense, process, control and communicate. Watch demo videos below featuring the latest products and technologies for robotics applications.

How sensor data is powering AI in robotics

Next-generation robotics rely on the fusion of sensor data and AI processed at the edge. Learn how we're enabling the entire AI robotics signal chain.

An engineer’s guide to industrial robot designs

Robots need to be more intelligent, autonomous, safer and efficient through precise motor control, advanced sensing technologies and processing at the edge, all with robust real-time communication.

Smart home

The modern smart home enables consumers to control, monitor and engage with home automation devices as well as lighting, HVAC controls, appliances and more. Watch demo videos featuring the latest products and technologies for the smart home and building automation.

Learn more about the Matter connectivity standard    

Formerly known as Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP), Matter is a royalty-free connectivity standard developed within the Connectivity Standards Alliance, Read this FAQ to learn more.

Intelligent motion detection & people counting

Detecting the position and tracking the movement of people will enable the autonomous operation of building automation systems. Learn how our mmWave sensors deliver the robust, high-accuracy needed.

Watch TI Tech Exchange technical sessions on demand

Watch some of the 29 sessions available on vehicle electrification, driver assist and body electronics and lighting technologies.

Watch some of the 26 sessions available on real-time control, vision sensing and sensor fusion topics.

Watch some of the 24 sessions available on a variety of power management design including how-to's, selection guidance and application-specific considerations.