CIIE 2021

TI Live! at CIIE

Welcome to the TI virtual experience for the China International Import Expo (CIIE). 

If you are planning to attend the show in person, be sure to come by the TI booth (4.1 Convention Hall A3-004). You can also learn more about the technologies we are featuring below including demo videos. You can also access on-demand webinars and tutorials on

This page is also available in Simplified Chinese.

China New Infrastructure

Drive innovation for infrastructure digitalization with our advanced semiconductor technologies and local support.

Electric vehicle charging innovation is key to building an integrated infrastructure across China. Our products and system expertise help you design advanced charging stations.

Our industry-leading advanced RF radio and IF sampling technologies, and highly efficient power management, help you meet the latest 5G requirements and growing demands of data delivery and storage. 

Virtual demonstrations of TI products and technology in action for China New Infrastructure applications

China New Infrastructure seminar on demand

Watch technical sessions on China New Infrastructure applications spanning electric vehicle charging, 5G base stations, data centers, industrial internet, artificial intelligence and more. 


From wireless battery management to integrated powertrain for electric vehicles (EVs) to advanced driver assist systems, learn how we're driving automotive innovation forward.

Integrating powertrain systems into a compact mechanical enclosure can lead to more affordable, more efficient electric vehicles (EVs)

TI worked to address sensing, concurrent operation and system-level challenges by leveraging our decades of automotive and functional safety expertise to design our Jacinto 7 processor platform.

Virtual demonstrations of TI products and technology for vehicle electrification and driver assist applications.

China Automotive Seminar on demand

Learn more about our automotive technology for HEV/EVs and driver assistance applications in sessions from our automotive seminar.

Smart home

Our system-level expertise, wide range of devices and reference designs help you bring innovative features such as smarter sensing, energy efficiency and wireless connectivity. These features allow you to monitor and control intelligent buildings to create safe, efficient and enjoyable building environments.

The term “home network” has evolved to include products that work together seamlessly to provide both a smart and secure home experience.

Our building automation experts discuss methods to extend battery life in smart lock architectures by reducing system standby power consumption.

Virtual demonstration of TI products and technology for smart home applications.

Home healthcare

We remain committed to helping you innovate and accelerate your medical designs during these unprecedented times. Whether you’re working on prevention, diagnosis or treatment applications, our products and design resources are aimed at getting your projects to market as quickly as possible. 

Design challenges of remote patient monitoring

The wearable patient monitor market is growing fast. Saving patients’ and physicians’ time, remote patient monitoring provides critical patient information on an outpatient basis. 

Multi-parameter patient monitors

The need for more portable multi-parameter patient monitoring for multiple vital signs is becoming increasingly important. Learn about some of the design considerations for these monitors.

Virtual demonstration of TI products and technology in for home healthcare applications.