electronica 2020

electronica virtual 2020

Welcome to our electronica virtual experience.

Watch industrial and automotive demo videos in the sections below to experience the latest analog and embedded technologies for industrial communications, robotics, building automation, test & measurement as well as automotive on-board charging, ADAS and lighting.

Learn about new products introduced or featured during electronica.


Learn about the latest products for automotive and industrial applications

GaN auto

Enabling the highest power density in EV/HEV OBCs

New, fully integrated automotive GaN FETs reduce the size of EV onboard chargers and DC/DC converters by as much as 50% compared to existing Si or SiC solutions, enabling extended battery range, increased system reliability and lower design cost. 

Extend reach with 10BASE-TIL single-pair Ethernet

The DP83TD510E 10BASE-T1L single-pair Ethernet PHY makes long-distance 10-Mbps Ethernet networking a reality by enabling cable reach up to 1.7 km. 

low noise buck

20mVrms noise from a high-efficiency DC/DC buck

The 17-V, 3-A TPS62913 buck converter provides 20mVrms noise and <10mVrms ripple without a post-regulator LDO, saving cost, design time and PCB area while increasing overall power supply efficiency. 

Industrial demos

Watch demo videos for robotics, industrial communications, test & measurement and building automation below and learn more about the TI technologies and products at the center of these applications.


As robots are becoming more crucial in factories they need to be more intelligent, autonomous, safer and efficient through precise motor control, advanced sensing technologies and processing at the edge, all with robust real-time communication.

Industrial communications

Ethernet has become a mainstream communications protocol at the top of the control pyramid in building automation. Learn how single-pair Ethernet can address needs such as longer distances, multidrop connectivity and support for unique protocols. 

Building automation

One of the most important design considerations when developing any building automation product is energy efficiency. Learn more about various advances that are improving energy efficiency in building automation.

Automotive demos

Watch demo videos on-board charging, ADAS and dynamic ground projection plus learn more about the application and the TI technology at the heart of these innovations. 

Vehicle electrification

Electrification is transforming the automotive industry. From mild hybrid to full electric, changing vehicle architectures with more actuators and ECUs are causing the evolution of power board nets to improve efficiency.

ADAS driver assistance

As automotive camera technology advances with higher resolutions, dynamic ranges and frame rates, power-supply architectures need tailoring to the specific ADAS system requirements such as surround view, driver monitoring and mirror replacement. 

Automotive lighting

Automotive lighting continues to evolve to improve visibility and functionality throughout the vehicle. Adaptive headlights, animated rear lights, personalized interior lighting and welcome puddle lights are just the begining.