Automotive lighting

Create pixelated, scalable and efficient automotive lighting solutions

LED technology is evolving the automotive headlight, rear light and interior lighting market in exciting ways. Automakers and system design engineers are creating unique new lamp styles while also meeting the regulatory lamp function requirements of beam shapes and intensities. An increased number of pixels and DLP® technology enable the implementation of features such as adaptive lighting, animations, color, personalization, messaging and symbol projection. Whatever your lighting solution needs are, our products and engineers are here to help you design the next generation of automotive lighting.

Why choose TI for your automotive lighting needs?


Meet your pixel-count needs

Use our matrix managers, high-channel-count current regulators and DLP technology to meet pixel-count requirements.


Achieve high efficiency and meet EMC requirements

Use our dithering-based switching current regulators, current-sharing linear LED drivers and top-side packaging to achieve high efficiencies and meet emission limits.


Optimize lighting control module bill of materials

Choose from our broad portfolio of constant voltage regulators, transceivers, single-board computers, ideal diode controllers, high-side switches and microcontrollers for lighting control modules.

Enabling advanced lighting solutions

Improve LED lighting efficiency and functionality

Your lighting needs are unique. We provide the right resources and expertise for you to design lighting systems on a wide variety of linear and switching LED driver circuit topologies. Use our industry-leading matrix managers and DLP technology for high-pixel-count headlights. Our LED driver packages enable you to design thermally efficient solutions, and our broad portfolio of linear LED drivers enable you to design any form-factor lamp.

Featured products for migration to LED lighting
TPS929240-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 24-channel 40-V high-side LED and OLED driver
TPS92664-Q1 ACTIVE 16-channel low noise LED matrix manager with internal clock and EEPROM
TPS92643-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 3-A synchronous buck LED driver

Enable high power density with our wide-input-voltage automotive LED drivers

Our portfolio of highly integrated devices give you options to solve the challenge of balancing high system power outputs with small solution size. You can efficiently drive higher current outputs, remove heat more effectively with our thermally enhanced packages, and shrink system footprints with our monolithic linear and DC/DC LED drivers.

Featured products for power density
TPS92520-Q1 ACTIVE 1.6-A dual synchronous buck LED driver with SPI
TPS92682-Q1 ACTIVE Dual channel constant-Voltage and constant current controller with SPI
TPS92643-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 3-A synchronous buck LED driver

DLP technology for automotive applications

DLP technology qualified for automotive applications delivers consistent performance across the entire operational temperature range, from -40°C to 105°C.

Automotive qualifications bring our Academy Award-winning technology to a driver’s daily commute, with DLP chipsets optimized for augmented reality head-up displays, holographic transparent window displays, high-resolution front lighting and dynamic ground projection. DLP technology’s reflective micromirrors switch on and off thousands of times per second, enabling vibrant, high-resolution automotive displays based on cinema technology.

Featured products for DLP technology
NEW DLP2021-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 0.2-inch DLP® digital micromirror device (DMD)

Optimize network interface, increase data reliability and system performance across longer distances

Our diverse portfolio of highly integrated Controller Area Network (CAN) and Local Interconnect Network (LIN) bus transceivers and associated system-basis chips (SBCs) improve performance, bus protection and emissions for CAN, CAN Flexible Data-Rate and LIN communications. Through support for multiple protocols, industry-standard pinouts and innovative package availability, these devices help you deliver more data faster and reliably across automotive and industrial networks.

Featured products for network interface
TCAN1462-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive signal-improvement-capable CAN FD transceiver with standby

Streamlining functional safety for your LED driver solutions

With so much at stake with your automotive LED driver solutions, functional safety provides the necessary risk management framework. Our functional safety products include on-demand documentation such as functional safety failure in time and failure-mode distribution.

Featured products for functional safety
TPS92664-Q1 ACTIVE 16-channel low noise LED matrix manager with internal clock and EEPROM
TPS92520-Q1 ACTIVE 1.6-A dual synchronous buck LED driver with SPI
TPS929240-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 24-channel 40-V high-side LED and OLED driver

Reference designs related to Automotive lighting

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.