Head unit & digital cockpit

Create a personalized, integrated and immersive cabin experience with our digital cockpit controller applications

The digital cockpit controller is the heart of the integrated cockpit infotainment system. The controller integrates functions of the traditional head unit, cluster and head-up display (HUD), generating video graphics to the remote cluster display, HUD, center stack display and multiple auxiliary displays while processing rear and surround-view camera inputs, the human machine interface, radio tuners and in-vehicle connectivity. Our extensive range of integrated circuits, reference designs and design resources can help you enable more efficient digital cockpit system designs and decrease development time.

Why choose TI for your digital cockpit controller systems?


Personalize in-vehicle displays

Our video products support wide high-resolution displays and configurable multidisplays to create an adaptable digital cockpit that offers an immersive experience.


Enhance audio and voice performance

Our technology helps you achieve better sound quality and an improved user experience, with advanced audio and voice controls.


Optimize in-vehicle networks

Our Ethernet, CAN, LIN, PCIE and USB products increase data reliability and performance to enhance the overall capability of in-vehicle networks.


Deliver diverse power solutions

We offer an array of flexible power solutions for your specific system and functional safety needs.

Digital cockpit controller considerations

Customize cameras and displays for your needs

Our Flat Panel Display Link (FPD-Link) serializer and deserializer (SerDes) transmits high-resolution, uncompressed video data over a twisted pair or coaxial cable. Aggregating video, audio, clocks and bidirectional control data into one stream reduces system size and cable weight. FPD-Link SerDes supports many video interfaces, with spread-spectrum capability built into each device to minimize electromagnetic interference in the link. Our FPD-Link camera SerDes supports uncompressed video, control and power over a single low-latency coaxial cable, 1080p, 2k and 4k displays, and on-device high-bandwidth digital content protection keys, while also providing adaptive equalization to compensate for cable aging and temperature variations.

FPD-Link introduction
This video explains the fundamentals of FPD-Link technology.
Technical article
FPD-Link IV - Dual 4K UHD demo
This demo highlights FPD-Link IV's video throughput capabilities by driving two 4K ultra-high-definition screens from one serializer device, with a single coaxial cable connecting to each deserializer.

Enhance reliability and security

As digital cockpit technology advances, communication between electronic modules in a vehicle needs to be fast, safe, secure and reliable. Our portfolio of Controller Area Network (CAN) and Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceivers, Ethernet physical layers, and redriver and retimer integrated circuits can help optimize your in-vehicle networks by preserving signal integrity, extending network reach and reducing system costs.

Technical article
How selective wake CAN transceivers enable lower power consumption in automotive d
Read this article to learn how to enable lower power consumption with selective wake CAN transceivers. 
What is CAN SiC technology and when and why should you use it?
Watch this video to understand what is CAN SiC technology and the reasons to use it.
What is the TC10 automotive Ethernet standard and why is it important?
Watch this video to learn what the Open Alliance TC10 standard is and why it is important for automotive Ethernet. 

Optimize your power solution

Each digital cockpit controller has unique system power requirements, and the efficient power management of high-performance system-on-chip and peripheral devices is essential. Having flexibility in your power solutions allows you to optimize your designs, and our portfolio of power integrated circuits (ICs) – including linear and low-dropout regulators (LDOs), DC/DC converters and power-management ICs (PMICs) – helps you reduce costs and meet your system and functional safety needs.

Application brief
The Benefits of FlexPower PMIC Devices (Rev. B)
Learn how our portfolio of FlexPower, multiphase PMICs provide an adaptable and robust solution.
Designing a low EMI power supply
Watch this video to learn how our devices and technologies can help designers not only improve filter size and cost but also reduce design time and complexity.
Application note
PCB Thermal Design Tips for Automotive DC/DC Converters
This paper provides guidance to the designer that will make the task of thermal management proceed more smoothly.

Streamline your functional safety system certification

With so much at stake behind the wheel, functional safety provides the necessary risk management framework. Our functional safety products,  documentation and resources such as Failures In Time (FIT) rate, Failure mode distribution (FMD),  Failure mode effects and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) will help you efficiently and effectively meet your ISO 26262 requirements and automotive safety integrity levels (ASILs) up to ASIL B. 

White paper
Understanding Functional Safety FIT Base Failure Rate Estimates per IEC 623801
This paper focuses on two widely accepted techniques to estimate the base failure rate for semiconductor components; estimates per IEC Technical Report 623803 and SN 295004, respectively.
Functional safety at TI
Watch this video to meet the rigorous requirements of functional safety standards, such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 with our analog and embedded processing products.

Reference designs related to Head unit & digital cockpit

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

Featured products

FPD-Link SerDes DS90UB941AS-Q1 ACTIVE 2K DSI to FPD-Link III Serializer
Speaker amps TAS6424-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 75-W, 2-MHz, 4-ch, 4.5- to 26.4-V digital input Class-D audio amplifier
USB Type-C & USB Power Delivery ICs TPS25830-Q1 ACTIVE USB Type-C® and SDP/CDP charge port converter with short to BATT protection and cable compens

Technical resources

Technical article
Technical article
The digital cockpit and the centralization of infotainment systems
Read about the features and trends for digital cockpits and the centralization of infotainment systems.
Application note
Application note
DS90UB941AS-Q1 DSI Bringup Guide
Learn the common bring-up flow to help with Display Serial Interface source configurations, along with insight on resolving common system-level problems when implementing a design with the DS90UB941AS-Q1.
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Automotive USB charger challenges and innovations
Watch this video to learn about efficiency, thermal performance, system size, charging protocols and mitigating electromagnetic interference in USB chargers.