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Design smarter, more efficient aerospace and defense applications using our high reliability products and expertise

For over 60 years, we have created a wide range of high-reliability products for space, avionics and defense electronics designs. Engineers rely on TI’s product availability and system-level knowledge, support and detailed design resources to meet mission-critical design requirements with products that can operate in harsh environments for decades.

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Design for avionic standards and best practices with our wide portfolio of analog and embedded processing products

Meet your demanding defense-oriented specifications with our portfolio of high-end analog products

Achieve space-grade certification faster with our radiation-hardened, high reliability analog and embedded processing products and resources

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Why choose TI in aerospace & defense systems?


Highest performance 

Improve power density and efficiency, and increase bandwidth and linearity while meeting your size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C) system requirements.


Product availability

Access our growing portfolio of radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant products built to operate in extreme conditions.


High reliability

Go from concept to design to production while meeting stringent MIL and space electronics quality and reliability standards.

Engineering what´s next in aerospace & defense

Our product longevity and strategy

For over 60 years we have provided HiRel products to the aerospace and defense market. Our goal is to meet your mission-critical supply requirements for high reliability products for decades to come, including supporting Defense Priorities and Allocation Systems (DPAS)-rated orders from the U.S. government. We are committed to product longevity for our customers and have strategies and internal policies in place to uphold this commitment.

Immediately available HiRel products

Quickly get the parts you need. Our large inventory of space- and military-grade analog and embedded processing products are immediately available for purchase on and include multiple date and lot code options.  

Commitment to delivering the highest quality

Access detailed quality and reliability documentation to help you verify TI products that can withstand harsh environments and operate as intended over the duration of a mission. In addition to our commercial off-the-shelf and Automotive Q100 devices, our HiRel products range from Enhanced Products; to Qualified Manufacturers List (QML) Class Q military-grade products; to space-grade, radiation-tolerant QML Class V-, Class Y- and Class P-qualified products.

Performance and flexibility for advanced radar and communications systems

Design sophisticated electronically steered array (AESA) systems that accurately identify and process multiple signals in many operational assets in harsh environments. Our HiRel products, system expertise and design resources help you create advanced electronics that enable clear and precise connections for various operations.

Reference designs related to Aerospace & defense

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

Featured products

RF-sampling transceivers AFE7950 ACTIVE 4-transmit, 6-receive RF-sampling transceiver, 600-MHz to 12-GHz, max 1200-MHz IBW
RF PLLs & synthesizers LMX2820 ACTIVE 22.6-GHz wideband RF synthesizer with phase synchronization, JESD and <5-µs frequency calibration
RF FDAs TRF1208 ACTIVE 10-MHz to 11-GHz, 3-dB-bandwidth single-ended to differential amplifier
AC/DC & DC/DC converters (integrated FET) TPS62913 ACTIVE 17-VIN, 3-A low-noise and low-ripple buck converter with integrated ferrite bead filter compensation
AC/DC & DC/DC controllers (external FET) TPS7H5001-SP ACTIVE Radiation-hardened, QMLV and QMLP 2-MHz dual-output PWM controller with synchronous rectification
Precision ADCs ADS1278-SP ACTIVE Radiation Hardened 24-Bit 8-Ch Simultaneous-Sampling Delta-Sigma ADC
Learn about our collaboration with NASA and industry leaders in developing radiation-hardened, plastic packaging for space electronics, known as QML Class P, to power missions with size, weight and power in mind
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Technical resources

Radiation Handbook for Electronics (Rev. A)
A compendium of radiation effects topics for space, industrial and terrestrial applications.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Application note
Application note
QML flow, its importance, and obtaining lot information (Rev. C)
Qualifying and manufacturing a space or military part is an important step in verifying that the device will withstand the harsh environment and/or radiation in space. Learn more about our role in the QML manufacturing flow.
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Selection guide
Selection guide
Enhanced Product Selection Guide (Rev. C)
Discover our portfolio of plastic-encapsulated COTS components optimized for avionics and defense applications.
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