Space: engineering the next frontier 

High-reliability products, design resources and expertise to perform in the harshest environment.

Our radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant products and technical resources help you design satellite systems that can operate for decades in Space.

Our immediately-available inventory of Space-grade products and deep system expertise allow you to meet mission-critical requirements and create systems with greater integration and power density, highest precision accuracy and highest bandwidth (>7 GHz).

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TI Space Products (Rev. I)

Find the right parts for your space grade design with our updated Space Products Guide

Radiation Handbook for Electronics (Rev. A)

The most comprehensive guide to radiation effects on industrial and terrestrial applications

Spacecraft Circuit Design Handbook

Our collection of space-grade rad-hard and rad-tolerant circuits helps you meet your systems designs goals.

Powering a New Era of High-Performance Space-Grade Xilinx FPGAs

The space industry is undergoing an unprecedented expansion. Enable your systems to perform in the harshest environments.

Space circuits

The below documents feature our radiation-hardened and radiation-tolerant products that help you design advanced spacecraft systems. These space circuit documents go into detail on how to design with our space-grade products and meet mission-critical requirements.

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Thermal management circuits


Navigate through interactive block diagrams to find products and reference designs tailored to support the longevity and dependability of your next mission. Design smarter, more energy efficient systems that are optimized against harsh environmental conditions. Whether you are designing for deep space travel, low earth orbit or anywhere in between, take your design to new heights with us.

Command & data handling (C&DH)

Integrated circuits and reference designs are available for command and data handling systems, complete with schematics, test data and design files.

Communications payload

Integrated circuits and reference designs are available for communications payload systems, complete with schematics, test data and design files.

Optical imaging payload

Imaging satellites continuously monitor the planet for various tasks such as weather, mapping or surveillance:

Radar imaging payload

Our space-qualified integrated circuits and reference designs help you create next-generation radar payloads to monitor surface conditions from space with maximum performance.

Satellite electrical power system (EPS)

Satellites harness power from solar panels to poer the spacecraft.  This high-voltage supply needs to be stored and converted for all the on-board electronics.

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Radiation-hardness-assured (RHA), 3-V to 7-V input, 18-A step-down converter


12-bit, dual 3.2-GSPS or single 6.4-GSPS, RF-sampling analog-to-digital converter (ADC) - aerospace


Space grade (QMLV-RHA) 10/100/1000 Ethernet PHY with SEFI monitoring suite

High bandwidth

Our high-speed data converters, clocks and timing products and system designs help you deliver the highest bandwidth (>7 GHz) in a harsh radiation environment – giving you the ability to support multiple communication channels with higher throughput in a smaller amount of space, while also supporting advanced radar imaging applications.

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JESD204 rapid design IP for FPGAs and DCs

This IP has been architected to downstream digital processing and other application logic while isolated from most performance- and timing-critical constraints of the JESD204 protocol.

Evaluate our ADC12DJ3200QML-SP, a low-power, 12-bit, dual 3.2-GSPS/single 6.4-GSPS, RF-sampling ADC with a buffered analog input, integrated digital down converter and JESD204B interface.

High-power density

Our radiation-hardened power ICs are optimized for high reliability and power density. Our power products, system designs and detailed documentation help you meet accuracy, thermal and radiation requirements, including generating less heat, increased efficiency and reduced system footprint.

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Everything you need to know about designing for space application from general terminology to details on design specifications.

This development kit for the Xilinx XQRKU060 FGPA uses a 100% TI power solution of DC/DC converters, LDOs and DDR termination regulation to meet power density and voltage tolerance requirements.

High precision

Our latest precision technologies for Space deliver highest accuracy and integration for sophisticated instrumentation.

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Learn more about the plug-and-play compatibility of this compact evaluation kit for evaluating the ADS1282-SP, a radiation-tolerant, extremely high-performance, dual-channel ADC.

This application note shows how to take advantage of TI’s Analog engineer's calculator and TINA-TI simulation tool to speed up the development of a precision data acquisition system.