Building automation


Building automation – Products

TI analog products and embedded processors help designers create ultra-low power subsystem designs used in short-range, long-range, mesh and IP networks – making the Internet of Things a reality in building automation applications. TI’s broad portfolio of integrated circuits includes innovative sensing technologies, power management and wireless connectivity products so engineers can connect more wireless sensors to the cloud than ever before.

Products for innovative features and retrofits

TI integrated circuits help engineers add exciting features and capabilities to their new or existing designs. From non-intrusive people counting for demand-controlled ventilation to predictive maintenance in HVAC, TI has the products designers need to modernize their building automation designs.

Products for extremely long battery life and efficient power management

TI products make it possible to extend battery life in wireless systems and achieve more efficient power consumption in wired solutions. Nano-power analog, energy harvesting and creative power-cycling approaches enable extremely long battery life in always-on sensing applications. TI’s industry-leading power management IC portfolio enables designers to speed time to market in their designs.

Products for elegant user interface and HMI

TI devices are designed to help you quickly add elegant user interfaces to your project. Whether that interface is a minimal set of LED indicators or a complicated human machine interface, TI has the products needed to create robust, reliable and intuitive UIs and subsystem designs.