Engineering a smarter grid

Find design resources, interactive block diagrams and TI devices for smart grid applications

Our technology, system expertise and reference designs help engineers improve grid resiliency and energy efficiency for next generation grid infrastructure. Whether it is implementing connected battery-powered smart meters or managing distributed energy resources, bidirectional EV charging or real-time data, our solutions enable efficient power delivery and a smarter grid that meets global compliance standards and future load patterns for long-term reliability and future-proofing.

Other alternative energy

Maximize efficiency and power density in fast DC EV chargers

As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) increase, there is a high demand for more energy-efficient charging infrastructure systems that can charge vehicles faster than ever before. New EVs have higher ranges and larger battery capacities than their predecessors, necessitating the development of fast DC chargers to support quick charging requirements. Our products and design resources help enable smarter, reliable and more efficient DC charging stations.

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This application report dives deeper into topology considerations for designing power modules that act as building blocks for fast DC-charging station designs.

Our high-power density, high-efficiency dual-active bridge power stage design uses silicon carbide switches to deliver 98.2% peak efficiency for fast DC-charging stations.

Unlock bidirectional power conversion for storage-ready string inverters

As photovoltaic (PV) solar installations have grown rapidly over the last decade, the need for highly efficient solar inverters with improved power density and higher power handling capabilities continues to increase. It has become more common to integrate energy storage systems into solar inverters to reduce energy dependency on the central utility grid. Accelerate development of storage-ready string inverters, improve power density and efficiency while providing real-time communication and monitoring with our integrated circuits and reference designs.

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This application report identifies and examines topology considerations for designing power stages commonly used in solar inverters and energy storage systems (ESS).

Increase power density and voltage input with this high-efficiency 3-level, 3-phase power stage design using silicon carbide switches for storage-ready solar inverters with 98% peak efficiency.

Improve accuracy and design flexibility with high precision ADCs

Developing next-generation electricity meters (e-meters) brings new technical challenges for metrology, power and communication systems. Stay flexible, scalable and cost-efficient with our high-performance discrete ADCs and optimize the entire metrology subsystem by pairing them with any MCU. Our product portfolio of 24-bit sigma-delta ADCs are suitable for current transformers, Rogowski coils and shunts using a high sampling rate to help incorporate power quality and load analysis functions in your designs. Whether for a single-, split- or poly-phase e-meter, our switching converters, LDOs and design resources can help you build a power system for a smarter, more accurate current sensing e-meter.

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Achieve Class-A (< 0.1%) high-accuracy requirements using high-performance, multichannel ADCs with a sample rate of 32 ksps.

The energy metrology library software measures the energy of e-meters, power-distribution units (PDUs) and circuit breakers using high-performance, multichannel analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).