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Webinar: How to design an analog front end for in-vitro diagnostic applications
Modern in-vitro diagnostic designs require accurate measurements to detect pH, partial pressure of carbon dioxide and partial pressure of oxygen in blood. These designs require highly efficient power-management solutions, accurate motor control for sample movements, an intuitive and responsive human machine interface, and a wired or wireless interface for data transfer and logging. Our comprehensive portfolio spans power-management, signal-chain and analog front-end products, as well as microcontrollers and processors, to support your medical design needs.

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Why choose TI for in-vitro diagnostic applications?


Enable precise temperature control 

Our comprehensive and tested application design solutions with real-time control loops enable the precise temperature regulation of samples, light sources and other system components.


Improve motor automation

Enable quiet and smooth motion with our portfolio of highly integrated brushed and stepper motor drivers, which feature automatic tuning, accurate current sensing and advanced diagnostics.


Achieve low-power and precision sensing

Designed for low power and fast response times, our contactless sensing technologies enable high levels of precision and integration.

Engineering advanced medical equipment designs

Precision temperature regulation of samples, light sources and system components

Thermoelectric cooling provides precise temperature regulation of samples, light sources and system components. For in-vitro diagnostics, thermoelectric cooling subsystems can have extremely diverse requirements – power ranges from 15 W to more than 100 W, high efficiency and small size. Our products can help you meet your specific requirements.

What is a smart AFE?
Learn more about our smart DAC and AFE products that have built-in non-volatile memory, which is factory programmable. They have programmable state machines, ADCs, DACs, PWM generators, and custom waveform generators.
Application note
Driving a Peltier Element (TEC): Efficiency and Aging (Rev. A)
The purpose of this application report is to determine the modules performance by driving it with our components, and seeing what performance can be achieved with reasonable power and equipment.
Featured products for thermoelectric cooling and heating
NEW AFE539A4 ACTIVE Four-channel 10-bit smart analog front end (AFE) with PID/TEC control with built-in ADC and DAC
LM5176 ACTIVE 55V wide VIN synchronous 4-switch buck-boost controller
DRV8702-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 47-V H-bridge smart gate driver

Brushed and stepper motor automation

In large laboratory equipment, motors move different reagents into samples and then move those samples throughout the system. Our highly integrated brushed and stepper motors enable the precise distribution of reagents and samples, with automatic tuning, accurate current sensing, stall detection, silent stepping and advanced diagnostics to achieve quiet, effortless motion.

Application note
Sensorless Stall Detection With the DRV8889-Q1
This application report highlights the advantages of the stall detection algorithm of the DRV8889-Q1 and provide examples of how the DRV8889-Q1 can detect stall reliably in a wide variety of end applications.
Video series
Introduction to motor drivers
TI Precision Labs is the electronics industry’s most comprehensive online classroom for analog engineers. This video provides an overview of TI Precision Labs and the motor drivers curriculum.
Application note
How to Reduce Audible Noise in Stepper Motors
This application report explains how specific motor-driver features can reduce audible noise for a wide variety of stepper motor systems and applications.
Featured products for motor automation
DRV8711 ACTIVE 52-V, bipolar stepper motor gate driver with 1/256 microstepping & stall detect
NEW DRV8452 ACTIVE 50-V, 5-A, dual H-bridge stepper motor driver with smart tune, stall detect and auto-torque
DRV8876 ACTIVE 40-V, 3.5-A H-bridge motor driver with integrated current sensing & current-sense feedback

Liquid-level sensing for samples

Whether for proximal monitoring or use in control loops, in-vitro diagnostic devices now have stricter requirements in order to conform to both hospital and at-home use. These requirements include lower power, faster response times, integrated functionality to reduce size, and long lifetimes. Ultrasonic technology enables improvements in all of these areas, while also being noninvasive and low cost.

Ultrasonic sensing for respiratory equipment
This demo video shows a fully integrated system, featuring an ultrasonic analog-front-end with a low-power microcontroller, achieves fast, efficient and highly accurate flow/concentration measurements.
Application note
Oxygen Concentration Sensing
This document describes an oxygen concentration sensing solution based on TI’s ultrasonic technology.
Application note
High Resolution Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensing (Rev. A)
This application report describes how ultrasound can be used with the MSP4030FR604x MCUs for enabling high resolution (20  µm) liquid level sensing measurements with low power (25 μA) and build a cost effective system.
Featured products for ultrasonic sensing
MSP430FR5043 ACTIVE 16-MHz MCU with 64 KB FRAM, 12-bit high speed 8-MSPS sigma-delta ADC and integrated sensor AFE
FDC1004 ACTIVE 4-Ch, 16-bit, capacitance to digital converter with active shield driver
TMP117 ACTIVE 0.1°C digital temperature sensor, 48-bit EEPROM, PT100/PT1000 RTD replacement

Design & development resources

Design tool
Create customized power supply and active filter circuits

WEBENCH® Circuit Designer creates customized power supply and active filter circuits based on your system requirements. The environment gives you end-to-end selection, design, and simulation capabilities that save you time during all phases of the analog design process.

Utilize our tools to help (...)

Driver or library
MSP430 MCUs Ultrasonic Sensing Design Center

Ultrasonic design center is a one stop resource to develop ultrasonic sensing applications using MSP430TM microcontrollers (MCUs) that includes tools, a graphical user interface (GUI), documentation, software libraries and application examples. Developers can quickly configure and customize (...)

Simulation tool
PSpice® for TI design and simulation tool
PSpice® for TI is a design and simulation environment that helps evaluate functionality of analog circuits. This full-featured, design and simulation suite uses an analog analysis engine from Cadence®. Available at no cost, PSpice for TI includes one of the largest model libraries in the (...)

Technical resources

Circuit design
Circuit design
Closed-Loop TEC Control Circuit Using a Voltage-Output Smart AFE and DC/DC Conv.
Learn how to design a closed-loop system controlled by a smart AFE to control the temperature of a TEC by modifying the power output of a buck-boost converter.
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Application note
Application note
Bidirectional TEC Driver Design for 40-W TEC
This application note introduces a flexible TEC driver strategy for voltage and current control. To realize the bidirectional current, the TEC is connected between the output and input of a DC/DC controller (such as the LM5176).
document-pdfAcrobat PDF
Application note
Application note
High Speed ADCs and Amplifiers for Flow Cytometry Applications
Flow cytometry is an advanced technology for characterizing suspensions of single cells or particles. This application note focuses on the analog signal chain electronics, and discusses the design considerations.
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