Medical applications

Find design resources, interactive block diagrams and devices specific to medical applications

We remain committed to helping you innovate and accelerate your medical designs during these unprecedented times. Whether you’re working on prevention, diagnosis or treatment applications, our products and design resources are aimed at getting your projects to market as quickly as possible. If you have specific design needs that are not addressed in our online technical resources, please work with your TI representative or visit our Customer Support Center.

COVID-19 order fulfillment update

Learn more about the latest updates on TI’s order fulfillment capabilities, given the evolving COVID-19 situation.


Our new ventilator reference design helps you streamline development.

Infrared thermometer

Our new technical article addresses common design requirements for an infrared thermometer and breaks down the system block diagram to help you accelerate your design.

Wearable patient monitors

Improve battery life in wearable patient monitors and medical patches.

Point of care molecular diagnostics

Point of care molecular diagnostics

Help physicians achieve faster, more accurate patient diagnoses with molecular test technology

Temperature measurement patch

Temperature measurement patch

Design an accurate and thermally efficient wearable temperature monitoring system.

Portable X-ray system

Portable X-ray system

Our products and design resources help you develop portable X-ray systems with low power consumption, longer battery life, faster scan times and high resolution.

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.

Learn about our JESD204B and JESD204C-compliant solutions to improve performance of the high-density systems in your aerospace & defense applications.