Personal electronics

PC & notebooks – Products

Interface solutions

TI interface products and solutions enable high bandwidths and longer transmission distances, while reducing system size, cost, complexity and time to market.

USB type-C & power delivery

TI offers the industry’s most complete portfolio of USB Type-C™ and Power Delivery (PD) compliant products in the form of solutions which simplify your design process and reduces time to market.

Power management solutions

Leveraging TI’s extensive portfolio of power management products, design tools and support resources can help you build innovative, efficient and affordable solutions, reducing time to market.

Audio solutions

TI delivers the highest-quality audio experience with a broad, diverse portfolio that exceeds the needs of the fast changing audio market.

USB power & charging port controllers

This family includes precision, high current protection devices such as fixed current limited switches, precision adjustable limit switches, USB charging port controllers, switch with boost converters

Display solutions

TI's complete portfolio of display bias solutions and level shifters cover various form factors ranging from 1 to 100-inch screens, enabling the highest performance and best efficiency with the fewest