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Ultra-low power

We help maintain longer battery life and enable battery-free operation in low-power designs. We offer the industry’s lowest power solutions with the industry’s lowest levels of active quiescent current.


Our analog switches enable connector sharing, minimize duplicated circuitry and isolate signal path in designs. The level shifter portfolio helps with transitioning with various blocks with voltage incompatibility.


Our sensor products offer precision measurement, low power and integration for space constrained wearable designs.


We offer a complete line of haptic drivers that drive ERM, LRA, and piezoelectric actuators. Pair with MSP MCUs with CapTIvate™ technology to create noise immune, ultra-low-power capacitive touch designs.


Our portfolio of digital and analog audio IC solutions and extensive audio application software deliver the most reliable, scalable and power efficient solutions for applications requiring low-power amplifier and audio signal chain, like wearables.


C55x DSPs are power efficient processors ideal for advanced computation in real time. The on-chip LDOs reduce BOM and enable smaller form factors.