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Premium sound for audio enthusiasts

TI's audio amplifier portfolio delivers high-quality sound across a range of applications, from automotive to personal electronics and professional audio systems. Our audio amps feature low distortion, low noise, excellent linearity, wide bandwidth and scalable power output. Clean, high-fidelity audio is enabled by the innovative architecture of our ICs and proprietary algorithms. 


4.5 V to 26.4 V, 38-W stereo, inductor-less, digital input, closed-loop Class-D audio amplifier with 96-kHz, 192-kHz extended audio


15W digital input mono Class-D audio amplifier with speaker IV sense


Low-power, low-noise bipolar audio op amp for wireless mics and USB audio

Enhance your system with advanced protection features

From end application to end user, our audio amplifiers include advanced features that make it easier for you to protect your system from real-world fault conditions. Features, including but not limited to, overcurrent protection, thermal protection, real-time IV sensing, fault protection, diagnostics, overexcursion protection, voice-coil temperature sensing, and ESD/EMI protection provide high-reliability in your audio design. Advanced system protection is built into our amplifiers which eliminates the need to design with discrete components.  


5.7W mono Class-D audio amplifier with Class-H boost and speaker sense


175W stereo/350W mono ultra-HD, analog-in Class-D amp with self-protection design


30-W stereo, digital-in Class-D amplifier with 96-kHz flexible processing

Shrink your audio system design

TI's audio amplifiers leverage advanced technologies, innovative packaging and intelligent integration to enable small systems without compromising performance. Our technologies enable you to use smaller speakers and reduce the size and count of external components, helping to save overall board space and cost.  

Featured audio amplifiers for small solution size


Digital input mono class-D audio amplifier with speaker IV sense


100W stereo/200W mono HD analog-input Class-D amp with maximum integration


SoundPlus™ low noise and distortion, FET-input audio op amp in 3x3mm2 DFN

Automotive-focused portfolio

With continued focus on expanding our automotive audio portfolio, TI's AEC-Q100 qualified audio amplifiers are designed specifically for cluster, head unit, telematics, and external amplifier applications. Our audio amp ICs provide load dump protection, advanced AC/DC load diagnostics, the widest range of operating voltages, ease EMC design and more. 

Featured audio amplifiers for automotive


2.6W mono digital/analog input automotive Class-D speaker amp with audio processing


75W 2.1-MHz digital input 4-channel automotive Class-D audio speaker amp


1.1nV/√Hz noise, low power, precision automotive audio op amp