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Oscillators – Design & development

Evaluation modules are available for the fully programmable, pin-selectable and fixed-frequency clock oscillators.
Design tools are also available to help you customize your oscillator samples and simulate jitter performance.

LMK61E2EVM ultra-low jitter, programmable oscillator evaluation module

The LMK61E2EVM evaluation module provides a complete platform to evaluate the 90-fS RMS jitter performance and configurability of our LMK61E2 ultra-low jitter, programmable differential oscillator with integrated EEPROM and frequency margining capabilities.

9.8-GHz RF CW signal generator ssing integrated synthesizer reference design

This reference design features our 9.8-GHz wideband, low-phase noise, integrated continuous wave (CW) RF signal generator with versatile spur reduction technique using the LMK61E2.

FMC reference design

This solution is an FPGA FMC development module with 12G-SDI and IP interfaces supporting 4Kp60.