Digital X-ray AFEs

Highly integrated charge-to-digital analog front ends (AFEs) for medical and dental imaging, nondestructive testing, and display calibration systems

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Our high-channel-count AFEs for X-ray flat-panel detectors, charge detection and capacitance measurement systems integrate up to 256 integrators, programmable gain amplifiers, correlated double samplers and high-speed charge-to-digital analog-to-digital converters (ADCs).These products, offered in chip-on-flex packages or dies, provide a variety of charge range and scan-time options, allowing designers to make power and performance trade-offs for static, semidynamic, dynamic, nondestructive testing, and medical and dental applications.
Digital X-ray AFEs

256-channel analog front end (AFE) for dynamic and semi-dynamic X-ray flat-panel detectors

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 111.32

Why choose our digital X-ray AFEs?


Simplified system design

Simplify board layout and increase space savings with single power-supply schemes and high levels of integration.


Improved system performance

Save on power consumption and improve system frame rate and imaging quality.


Compatible product offerings to cater to multiple markets

Pin-, package- and software-compatible product families enable a single-platform approach for customers to cater to a wide variety of static, dynamic and high-charge range applications.