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Please select a competitor device from the drop down list or type it in the space provided. All Competitor devices in the database will return the closest TI results and the results will be ranked in order of the closest match. The most critical parameters are shown for each device with the TI parameters that are equal to or better than the competition highlighted in green. Parameters can be ignored by unchecking the box above the column. Similarly, parameters can be prioritized with multiple presses of the prioritize button based on customer needs.

Note: TI makes every effort to ensure accuracy of the data. However, please refer to the competitor and TI device datasheets for the most up to date information.


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Artikelnummer Art Anzahl der Kanäle VCC min (V) VCC max (V) Iq 25C max (mA) Min Spec Verstärkung GBW / BW (MHz) Anstiegsrate (V / us) Iout Typ (mA) Vnoise (nV/√Hz) Herunterfahren RR In RR aus Ibias (Typ) (nA) Vos (Max) (mV) Vos Drift (uV / C)


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